November 30, 2023
A new feature in WhatsApp will allow users to go into "invisible" mode

Will WhatsApp block screenshots in the app? New feature in the test

one of Application platforms What invests the most in security is WhatsApp. In addition to being the most popular messenger on the planet, it can also be considered one of the most secure. At least that’s what many experts say about the green app from Meta.

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It won’t be any different, as many updates are aimed exclusively at users’ security and privacy. This is the status of the novelty that WhatsApp announced in August, which aims to lock the screen within the application.

WhatsApp will prevent videos and photos from ‘printing’

Not too long ago, the platform launched the one-sight media sending feature. This means that the recipient will only be able to see the file once before it is destroyed.

The problem is that some people can still turn on the print screen and record that image in a difficult way. Given this, the platform decided to create a screen lock that completely prevents the action.

With this extra layer of security, users can The WhatsApp Those who want to take a screenshot of this type of content will not be able to do so and the following message will appear: “Screenshot locked for privacy”.

At the same time, the sender will not be notified of trying to take a screenshot, something that happens on other platforms such as Snapchat.

When will the tool be officially released?

Although it can already be found in the beta version of the application, the truth is that it is not known when the tool will be officially released. The Goal No official statement has yet been issued in this regard.

However, the feature is expected to be activated soon. This is because it is not a super revolutionary technology, but it is something that is necessary to keep all the browsers that want to be private.

After all, if you’re using the single view feature, it’s exactly because you don’t want anyone to store the file.