January 29, 2023

Will YouTube get free open TV in 2023? Understand the changes

It is expected to be launched in the Brazilian broadcasting market this year. Everything indicates that the file Youtube It will have open and free TV on its platform in Brazil very soon. In the US, the service has been running since March 2022.

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In the United States, the service already offers more than 4,000 episodes of Programming TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Heartland, and Andromeda. However, the service does not carry a direct open TV signal. This is the responsibility of another paid service on the platform: YouTube TV.

Although there is no official launch date here in Brazil, the new product is expected to arrive this year, after tests in the land of Uncle Sam. There, high definition titles and audio with Surround 5.1 are available, but with ads.

Why would there be open and free TV in Brazil too?

In the United States, where the service was first launched, 85% of households have a video subscription, according to Kantar data. In Brazil, this number is 70% of households.

With 98 million monthly users BrazilYouTube can use the same strategy it used in its home country: luring users to paid services based on free content.

In this case, in addition to having content from content producers, the platform will also have programs from television Brazilian open show as well as movies. With this service, YouTube also has another source of advertising revenue.