December 2, 2023

William Bonner Breaks Journal Nacional Tradition Stands on Pele’s Death · TV News

William Bonner He broke protocol by standing at the end of the Jurnal Nacional to pay homage To Edson Arantes do Nascimento, King Pele (1940-2022). On Thursday (29), he and Renata Vasconcelos left the seat empty during the traditional minute of silence that gravity always does in the face of the death of a public figure.

The tribute to the “King of Football” closed Globo’s flagship newscast, which hastily changed programs at the end of the afternoon. Renata was fired live during an afternoon session to announce the star’s death, it was later revealed O Rei do Gado and Mar do Sertão chapters canceled.

At the end of the Journal Nacional, I read a text posted on social networks by Roberto Carlos, in honor of Pele. “His Majesty Roberto Carlos also issued a message recalling the privilege of singing with Pele in the 1977 special,” he said.

He added, “In the words of Roberto Carlos Pele, he is the joy and pride of all Brazilians. He wrote:” May God protect him, enlighten him more and more and bless him always. Amen amen amen “.

Bonner was responsible for remembering that the footballer’s body would be placed in the Estádio Vila Belmiro, in Santos. He said: “The main stage of Pele’s art is mourning. In the darkness of the Santos stadium, the only source of light under the lawn is a screen with a crown and the name of the King of Football.”

The presenter also highlighted that Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro, was lit in memory of the athlete. He concluded, “A note of regret from the shelter’s management states that ‘the athlete of the century, who enchanted the world, will always be an inspiration to all Brazilians’.”

Afterwards, Bonner and Renata rose to their feet for a minute’s silence in honor of the athlete. Tributes take place in the face of the deaths of politicians, artists, athletes, and influential personalities, but journalists always end the news on the bench.