December 8, 2022
William Bonner's unusual stance during coverage of the 2022 election has led to a web frenzy.  video

William Bonner’s unusual stance during coverage of the 2022 election has led to a web frenzy. video

The second round of the 2022 electionsLula was the fiercest in Brazilian history in the presidential race. But during vote counting, which lasted about three hours, William Bonner and Renata Le Pretty have been in front of TV Globo broadcasts the whole time.

but for a moment The journalist asked for permission to leave the scene. “Excuse me, I’ll interrupt. I’ll go over there to take a sip of water and come back. I didn’t take a sip of water. Take care of this matter ”, asked the husband of Natasha Dantas, with whom she has a secret relationship.

But what didn’t go unnoticed, despite Renata continuing to talk about the progress of the investigation, was The sound of opening the boxpossibly via a communication device.

The web is fun with the noise of the box

“Feeling sick because the boner opened scholl in the middle of the day”one netizen joked, citing one of the beer brands. “The Copper Boner Has Already Opened For Celebration”, to another Twitter user. One netizen asked “Did Bonner just open a can or am I crazy?” “Boner happy isn’t it?” One fan noted. See comments below!

It should be noted that, despite the expectations of Internet users, it is currently possible to find water …

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