William Leblanc named captain of Inouk

For the first time of the season, a player of Inouk wears the ” C ” for captain on his jersey Friday night, while the Flames of Gatineau will arrive at the centre sportif Léonard-Grondin.

William Leblanc is the new captain of Inouk. Coaches have asked players to vote on the matter and, after seeing that “Will The Thrill” was the choice of the locker room, they have approved the decision.

“I don’t think that the “C” will change the way I behave, but I take the decision of my teammates and coaches as a nice mark of trust and recognition, ” says Leblanc. I try to behave as a leader in my own way and if people so much I appreciate it, I’m happy. In any case, it is a great honor. “

Since a good end, Leblanc has not been easy on the ice. Of blows, he eats 14 dozen. The teams in the League hockey junior AAA have understood that the best way to stop the Inouk, it was the slow, him. When asked if he will use his new title to address the officials, he seems surprised by the question.

“I don’t think. Although it might be. It is difficult to say. Honestly, I don’t ask myself that question. “

The record

“Will The Thrill “, as we know, is more than a single aim of matching the team record of 55 set by Érik Longtin in 2014-2015. Then we will celebrate five years of the conquest of the Cup Napa on Friday evening, the occasion would be perfect to match and even beat the mark Longtin.

“I hear more and more talk about the record,” admits Leblanc. It is often the first thing I hear upon arriving to the arena in a night match. I try not to think too much about it, but it is still there. “

Leblanc admits that there may be a little too much thought lately.

“When you want it too mark, it is there that it doesn’t work. I have to continue to play my game normally and it will eventually happen. It is certain that I begin to be anxious that this is done you move on to something else. “

Leblanc is nothing more than two small points as the magic number of 100.

“No one has ever doubted “

On the collective level, Leblanc admits that the three victories last weekend, did a lot of good to the morale of the team.

“We know what we worth, but the wounds eventually we come back in the body,” he said. But it’s part of hockey and we do not control these cases. Adversity is part of the game. Here, the series to come and you never know what can fall on you. But one thing is certain, we never doubted our abilities as a group. You have confidence in us. “

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