October 2, 2022
Wink, Gezi Arruda, showing how her backside nearly opens her skirt: 'Everything is going to explode'

Wink, Gezi Arruda, showing how her backside nearly opens her skirt: ‘Everything is going to explode’

Princess Day! Jesse Arrudaan adult story writer, model and digital influencer, made the audience happy by showing off her new hair and also her look in a video posted on Saturday morning (13).

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“When you go to the salon and find yourself on a Friday,” he wrote in the post’s caption. In the video, Jezzy Arruda is seen in a lighter outfit, and a skirt that fits tightly against her body to make all her good size and shape more visible. Currently, the inspirational already has over 4.5 million followers.

“Who is the Watermelon Woman? Actually, both are perfect, but congratulations,” one fan joked in the comment field. “This woman is amazing, what a weird body,” another woman pointed out, with some fiery emojis.

Geisy Arruda reveals that adult content is more profitable online than posing in shame

During an interview with Quem magazine, Geisy Arruda talked more about her work with adult content. According to her, it is more profitable to post adult content on subscription platforms than to appear nude.

“I bet this market first, people were so scared. But I breathe cruelty,” said Jesse Arruda. “It’s very good money and helps a lot. It’s like going naked every week, now it’s virtual.”

The inspiration still says that she managed to save very well with her items: “I’m going on March 25th, I buy all the decorations. You gotta be creative. I do themed photos and videos. I take care of all the photos myself, I don’t leave them in anyone’s hands.”

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