Winners and losers from the day the NBA trade deadline expires

After a relatively quiet period of race to the deadline for trade, the dam broke on Thursday.

There were 16 deals. in one day.

Traders have been flying all over the league from Toronto (across Tampa Bay) to Los Angeles, but two players are expected to be on the move – Kyle Lowry Toronto and Lonzo Paul New Orleans – It stayed where it was.

Who were the winners and losers in the trade deadline? Let’s break it down.

Winner: Denver Nuggets

Denver went it all – and that makes them the biggest winners of the day.

Nuggets were traded for Aaron GordonWhich helps bridge the gap left by the departure Jeremy Grant (Although the Nuggets have a slightly better net rating at this point in the season without him, they weren’t so lucky at the end of matches.) Part of that is that Gordon can be a shooter, the third (maybe fourth if Michael Porter Jr. is hot) in attack, but also a guy who can cut, pinch shots, roll to the edge, and grab defenders’ attention. Plus, he pays 37.5% of three this season; These defenders also must respect him in the arc.

The biggest help, however, is in defense – Gordon is a big body, athletic, and a quality advocate. Not latching on, but it does make the Nuggets defense better. In the West full of big wings – LeBron JamesAnd the Kawhi LeonardAnd the Paul GeorgeThus – Gordon could be a defender that the Nuggets could use against.

Denver also picked up Javille McGee, Great backup with tournament experience (with Stephen Curry And LeBron James) who could be an equally large body Rudi Joubert, Could André DrummondAnd the other qualifying matches.

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Is this enough to make them one of the elite teams in the West? They will need to prove this. But you have to like attitude and aggression. Denver reached the Western Conference Finals last season, moves that say they want to get back there and beyond.

Winner: Orlando Magic

It might seem counterintuitive to say that the team that fired Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevich, And the Evan Fournier The stills are a winner, but they are.

It is time to take these moves and tear them apart.

Magic has been stuck in mediocrity for years. They had a core of talented players – Vosevic an all-star, Gordon could have been – and high derivatives like In PampaBut it never united. The core of this team was average at best and was aging; There wasn’t much future for that. It is time to tear it down, get young players and pick out the draft, and rebuild with them Jonathan Isaac As the first major piece. Orlando had three picks from the first round, two of the second rounds, and interesting young players like Wendell Carter. RJ Hampton Of those deals. It’s a start.

Orlando chose his direction. Magic fans might be skeptical about this – they’ve been down this road before. But that was the step they needed to take.

Loser: Boston Celtics fans

Boston fans came to the Trade Deadline thinking they were the front runners for Aaron Gordon, and they had the biggest trade exception in NBA history to make things happen, and they had the odds.

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End the day with Evan Fournier, without Daniel Theiss, And with the owner less tax than luxuries.

None of this is terrible. Fournier and his shots would fit well in Boston, he makes the team better. They’d be fine without theis, they’d have enough adults, that means more time, Lord. Boston didn’t do anything wrong.

He didn’t live up to expectations, making it a long day for his fans.

Winner: Brooklyn Nets

Philadelphia did not trade with Kyle Lowry. Nor Miami. Boston didn’t get Aaron Gordon. Added Milwaukee PJ Tucker Last week but did not make a big step.

The Brooklyn Nets looked like the best team in the East with only two-thirds of their stars on the field, and they are rightfully knocked out because we can only imagine what will happen when Kevin DurantAnd the James Harden, And the Keri Irving They start working together. Brooklyn was a winner on Thursday because not all of the major competitors took the bold move and improved dramatically – not because of not trying, but that didn’t happen to them.

Which makes Brooklyn appear to be the largest dog in the East. It remains to be seen whether the Nets stars can merge, and whether their choppy defense will suffice in the qualifiers, we still have to see. But the Nets won on Thursday without doing anything.

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