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Winter storm warnings have been issued for parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine ahead of what is expected to be a strong storm that will bring rain, wind and possibly a lot of snow to New England this weekend.

The National Weather Service warning was issued in Middlesex and Worcester counties in Massachusetts from 7 a.m. Saturday to 7 a.m. Sunday. Various warnings have been issued for parts of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine; Varying in length but generally from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon.

Warnings indicate expected snow totals of at least 6 inches, and in some cases more than a foot. See all active weather alerts in our area here.

Timeline: An hour-by-hour look at Nor’easter this weekend

Storm is gathering in our south, with rain turning into snow with winds forecast for Saturday and Sunday in Maine.

In the short term, raindrops, not snowflakes, are in the forecast Friday evening and overnight, slowly expanding across southern New England by Saturday morning.

Matt Noyes, chief meteorologist for NBC10 in Boston and NECN, says Matt Noyes, he proves that predicting a weekend fire is tough, but has all the data on what to expect across New England.

There are sources of uncertainty in the forecast, including the subtle merging of a northern and southern turmoil very close to New England, which should just happen for a major event in southern New England (but it looks like it should, and almost certainly will happen. Of Maine).

Snow marginal temperatures begin in the 1940s and then decline during the 1930s from midday to afternoon in central and eastern New England as the storm intensifies and draws cold air from northern and western New England.

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And as long as the storm comes together as we think, the rain itself will be overwhelming on Saturday morning, with more than an inch falling during Saturday morning in search of large puddles and puddles of water on the roads.

Of course, as rain changes to snow in the elevated terrain of Central Massachusetts and across much of northern and western New England, roads will deteriorate, with stagnant water falling due to wet snow causing snow and freezing on the roads. Add snow accumulation on top of that and it will likely require plowing and processing.

In the Far East, anxiety isn’t long in hours, but it can be intense for a short time on a Saturday afternoon. As the storm intensifies rapidly in the east, a wave of torrential rain on Saturday afternoon will move on the western side of the storm directly over eastern New England, and it is sure to throw very heavy snowfall over most of Maine and eastern New Hampshire, likely to produce what is not. Less than a few hours of heavy snowfall on Saturday afternoons until evening in eastern Massachusetts (though not southeastern Massachusetts), which can also cause road conditions to deteriorate rapidly.

If all came together properly, this splash of snow would fall 2 to 4 inches per hour from northeastern Massachusetts all the way to Maine on Saturday evening – and if it combined soon, that possibility would extend to South Shore.

This is why, although our First Alert Team acknowledges some uncertainty and the need to follow through on our updates, we have also encouraged all residents as far south as South Beach to put stakes in the driveway, prepare the snow blower and plow. Ready for hard travel and road wizards. That way if the falling snow made him south through Plymouth County, everyone would be prepared.

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The winds will howl on the coast on Saturday afternoon and evening, and will first reach 60 miles per hour from the south in Cape Cod if the center of the storm moves directly over the head, then swings to blow from the north and northwest, reaching speeds of 60 miles per hour for a short period in Cape Ann is blowing over 45 mph to many others.

The winds may lead to a blackout as heavy snow falls and puts pressure on power lines.

The storm leaves Saturday night, leaving a dry but dry Sunday except for trapped pockets of snow and snowfall in the north of the country, where it will snow in Maine and New Hampshire.

They will get a natural boost to start the ski season and snowmobiles while Vermont will see lighter amounts of snow, but everyone will be in for a cold week next week, making it ideal for ski areas to blow up snow guns and continue building on the natural ice base, opening fast tracking next week.

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