December 3, 2023
With 3 Brazilians, the WSL Finals tournament window begins in America

With 3 Brazilians, the WSL Finals tournament window begins in America

With the participation of three Brazilians, this Thursday (8), starting at 11 am (Brasilia time), the competition window of the WSL Finals (which runs until the 16th), staged in San Clemente, California (USA), and it will define the best champions of the World Surfing Tour. .

On the best day at sea in the Loire’s high-performance waves, this is the second occasion that a special stage has been organized with the title of the top-5 and the top-5 in the rankings, in the knockout heats format. Trestles Beach.

Brazil is strong in contention, with three representatives, two of the men’s (Philip Toledo and Italo Ferreira) and one of the women’s (Tatiana Weston-Webb), having participated in the first edition last year and have experience in the finals. Gabriel Medina, who won the men’s title in 2021, is a big absentee.

Now in contention is Brazilian Filipe Toledo, who, as the current leader of the men’s rankings, will fall into the water against the big decision: “I’m very happy to be back, very happy to compete. WSL Finals again. Last year, the first final was very good. I’m here. “I’m blessed to be back, home with my family and friends, doing what I love and surfing. Can’t wait”.

Form of dispute

The WSL Finals will be in knockout format, thereby determining the 2022 World Champions. The ranking leaders will have the most opportunity and the titles will be decided in the best three heats. In the men’s category, Italo Ferreira is the first Brazilian to compete in a WSL final and his opponent is Kanoa Igarashi of Japan. Whoever wins will measure up to third-ranked Australian Ethan Ewing. The winner will face Australia’s Jack Robinson in the second round. From this third match, the top three will determine who will make it to the finals with Philip Toledo.

Among the women, a dispute begins with battery between Australia’s Stephanie Gilmore and Costa Rica’s Briza Hennessy. The winner will face Brazil’s Tatiana Weston-Webb. From this clash will come the opponent of Frenchman Johanne Defey. Also, in this third round, a top three with American Carissa Moore will determine the surfer who denies the result.