August 18, 2022

With 3 ejected, Sao Paulo defeated Católica in Chile in the round of 16 in South America

Sao Paulo won a very important victory on Thursday, in Santiago, Chile. While visiting Universidad Católica at San Carlos de Apoquindo, for the Round of 16 of the Copa Sudamericana, the team led by Rogério Ceni did not know the opponent in the first half and guaranteed a 4 to 2 defeat. Rinaldo, from a penalty kick, Luciano (2) and Calleri netted for Tricolor . Zambedre and Valencia are discounted hosts.

The dismissals of Igor Vinicius, Rodrigo Nestor and Calleri in the second half complicated Sao Paulo, which achieved a major advantage in the first stage. When they had ten on the field, Tricolor scored the fourth goal. But, with only nine players, and later eight players on the field, the visitors had to give up attacking and hope the match would be over soon.

Sao Paulo will face Universidad Católica again next Thursday, at 9:30 PM (Brasilia time), in Morumbi. The tricolor could lose up to 1-0, which would go on to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana quarter-finals. For the Chilean national team to qualify, it would require a 3-0 win in normal time. 2-0 takes the decision of penalties.

the game

He led Sao Paulo in the first half and had no difficulties in opening the scoring. Just 11 minutes into the match, Calleri was injured by González, who hit his arm with the head of the tricolor striker, and the referee awarded a penalty. Rinaldo went for the kick and didn’t miss it, giving the visitors an advantage.

With greater possession of the ball, the team led by Rogerio Ceni expanded by taking advantage of a grotesque failure by Isla. In a good direct link by Jandrei, the Chilean right-back slipped and ended up being disarmed by Calleri, who gave Luciano a superb pass to get Luciano, shot first, free, inside the area, making it 2 to 0.

He finished the 10 nets quickly without hitting the net, Luciano still made another one before the break. What a goal! The striker received from Rinaldo, passed between two defenders with just one touch, conquered the area and touched the goalkeeper’s exit, which made Sao Paulo more comfortable in the match.


The very smooth game with Sao Paulo took different forms in the second half. In the first minute, Universidad Católica went into the net with Zampedre, who received a low cross inside the small area and pushed it towards the goal. As if this were not enough, a foul was made at Igor Vinicius at five, he received his second yellow card and was sent off.

Due to numerical inferiority, Ruggiero Ceni was forced to send Luciano to enter Patrick, and it was precisely he who initiated the move for São Paulo’s fourth goal, placing a beautiful pen on his observer and a low cross to Igor Gomez, who fixed him. For Calleri hits at the top of the box, from the edge of the area, and sends the corner. Another goal.

But the match soured again for Tricolor a few minutes later. Rodrigo Nestor climbed onto the opponent’s leg and, after analyzing the VAR technique, ended up being sent off by the referee, leaving Sao Paulo with only nine players on the field. With two other men, Universidad Católica reached the second goal with Valencia sending in a good cross from Tapia, cheering the crowd on the field.

And when Sao Paulo thought there would be no more fear, Calleri was also sent off, in the 41st minute of the second half, leaving the trio with eight athletes on the field. Since then, it has been offense against defense, but Sao Paulo managed to hold on and leave the field with an important 4-2 victory in Chile.

data sheet

place: San Carlos de Abukindo Stadium in Santiago (Chile)
Date: June 30, 2022, Thursday
time: 21:30 (from Brasilia)
Rule: Christian Ferreira (URU)
Auxiliaries: Richard Trindade (URU) and Andres Nivas (URU)
Video Assistant Referee: Lyudan Gonzalez (URU)

Objectives: Rinaldo, on 14th of 1stQ, Luciano, on 27th and 28th of 1stQ, Calleri, on 17th of 2ndQ (São Paulo); Zampedri, on the 1st of the second quarter (Universidad Católica)
yellow cards: Igor Vinicius (2), Calleri, Andre Anderson, Rinaldo, Luciano, Pablo Maya; Gonzalez, Zambedre (Catholic University)
red card: Igor Vinicius, Rodrigo Nestor

Catholic University: Perez. Isla, Asta-Buruaga, González, and Parot; Saavedra (Gutierrez), Nunez, and Oued (Tapia); Cuevas (Orellana), Fuenzalida (Valencia) and Zampedere.
Technical: Ariel Holan.

São Paulo: Jandry. Diego Costa, Miranda and Leo; Igor Vinicius, Gabriel Neves (Pablo Maya), Igor Gomez, Rodrigo Nestor and Rinaldo (Luisão); Luciano (Patrick) and Calleri.
Technical: Rogerio Ceni.

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