July 14, 2024

With a new daily record, Serra records more than a thousand cases of Covid-19 in 24 hours

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In all, the city has recorded 84,313 cases of the disease since the start of the pandemic. Photo: Agência Brasil

Serra has set a new record in the number of daily cases of Covid-19. According to data from the state government’s Covid-19 commission, the city recorded 1,101 cases of the disease in 24 hours.

On Sunday, the municipality recorded (16) confirmed cases of the disease, 83,212 cases. The data showed, at noon on Monday (17), that the number rose to 84,313 residents who had contracted the virus.

Cera is the city with the most confirmed cases of the new coronavirus and also the municipality with the most recoveries: 79,831.

The city is the second in terms of deaths in ES, 1616, behind only Vila Velha, which tops the sad ranking with 1,841 deaths. Sera has not recorded any deaths from the virus for three days.

Espírito Santo already had 673,284 new cases in 24 hours. The number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic has reached 13,379, and 621,086 have recovered.

Check the evolution of confirmed cases in the past 7 days in Sierra:

11 / 01-81.274

01/12 – 81.637

01/13 – 82.050

1/14 – 82.663

01/15 – 83.136

01/16- 83.212

1/17 – 84.313

During a press conference at noon on Monday (17), the Minister of State for Health, Nicio Fernandez, said that Espirito Santo is witnessing the fourth wave of the novel coronavirus pandemic. “This new phase is driven by the societal circulation of the micron variant, as well as across the country.”

The minister also explained that once the fourth wave was identified in the state, the government implemented containment measures.

“We are adopting several measures aimed at reducing the impact of the spread of the virus, breaking the chain of transmission, and allowing the state and the health system not to enter a critical situation that could prevent the population from accessing health services,” he said.

The minister also stressed that ES is seeing an acceleration in the curve of cases and that according to the latest data from the pandemic, the number of infected people will be much higher than what has been seen since the arrival of Covid-19.

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