December 3, 2023
With Atlético MG's victory, it reaches 17 games unbeaten in Libertadores and equals the record |  Athlete - mg

With Atlético MG’s victory, it reaches 17 games unbeaten in Libertadores and equals the record | Athlete – mg

The Atletico MG He is the record holder in the Copa Libertadores. By defeating América-MG in the fourth round of Group D, he reached 17 consecutive games without losing the tournament. It is the same brand as Flamingo (2020-21) and Sporting Crystal (1962-68-69). The rooster still has a chance to be the historical record holder.

In the next round, Turco Mohamed will host the Independiente del Valle in Mineirão, on May 19. Gallo will play three matches before this date (America, Bragantino and Atlético Go), all for the Brazilian championship.

In the historical sequence without defeats to Gallo, there were 10 victories and 7 draws. Last year, Atlético exited the semi-finals without any defeat. And it drew 0 to 0 with Palmeiras in the first leg, and 1 to 1 in the second leg, to be knocked out by the goal away from home. The standard no longer exists.

Hulk in a dispute over the ball with Juninho, during the America-MG x Atletico-MG Classic in Libertadores – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atletico-MG

In 2020-21 Flamengo had 12 wins and two draws. He was scheduled to lose in the final of the Libertadores in Montevideo, to Palmeiras, in the goal in extra time. Sporting Crystal scored 8 wins and 9 draws.

In the 2022 Libertadores, Atlético reach eight points added. Tolima won, tied with America and Del Valle, and beat Coelho on the way back. The Colombians at home will also have the closure of the group stage. He became the leader of Group D. The Ecuadoreans face Colombia on Wednesday at home and have five points.

Atletico in 2022 has only one defeat in the general season, against URT, in the first stage of the Campeonato Mineiro, when he took the reserve team to Patos de Minas. Looking at the Turkish era, there are 24 matches, 17 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss.

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Partner Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure