December 2, 2023
With bond terms eased and payment in five years, Flamingo renews with Arascaeta until 2026 |  flamingo

With bond terms eased and payment in five years, Flamingo renews with Arascaeta until 2026 | flamingo

Giorgian de Arrascaeta is a footballer flamingo Until the end of 2026. After nearly a year of the series, the player’s club and his manager reached an agreement and signed the contract on Tuesday in Rio de Janeiro.

Arascaeta in training for the Flamengo this Thursday at Ninho de Orobo – Photo: Alexandre Vidal

With the salary agreement with the selected midfielder since the second half of 2021, he has become flamingo An agreement was made to purchase the economic rights of Defensor Sporting, from Uruguay, with performance terms. The club will pay in cash for up to 12.5% ​​of the Uruguayan population, according to targets set over the next five years.

In short, the hit takes place flamingo For only a small part of the percentage that belongs to the Defensor – it remains confidential – the bulk, however, will depend on the jersey’s 14th performance in primarily individual and team goals over the next five years in which he will do so. defend flamingo. The club understands that in this way it will pay the player himself in a possible sale in the future.

The series of negotiations has continued since the beginning of 2021, turning into a television series after Arrascaeta failed to meet the 4,000-minute goal stipulated in the contract in 2019 and 2020. flamingo You will have to buy 12.5% ​​in two shares at 6.25% for €1.25 million on February 20, 2020 and February 20, 2021.

With Arrascaeta not up to the minute, businessman Daniel Fonseca set the percentage as a condition for renewal and remained consistent in most negotiations. the flamingoHe, in turn, went to a tug of war and managed to calm the situation.

Arrascaeta’s new contract has been written and the promise is that it will be signed this Tuesday. without reinforcements flamingo 2022 begins with the long-term sustainability of what many consider the key player.

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