December 9, 2022
With cancer, Susanna Naspolini's health deteriorates and her daughter breaks down in tears

With cancer, Susanna Naspolini’s health deteriorates and her daughter breaks down in tears

With cancer, Susanna Naspolini was hospitalized in Sao Paulo for a week (Image: Agnews)

News Summary:

  • Giulia Naspolini cried when she talked about the health of her mother, Susanna Naspolini

  • Journalist fights metastatic hip bone cancer

  • Emotionally, the reporter’s daughter asked for prayers on social media

Julia’s daughter Susanna NaspoliniI talked about Mother’s health status In a video posted on Instagram Friday (21). journalist who fight cancer, was hospitalized in São Paulo for a week. Emotionally, the 16-year-old asked her followers to pray for the treatment of TV Globo reporter.

“I was hospitalized for a week here in Sao Paulo. She was already hospitalized in Rio. I just spoke to her doctor. He said her condition is very, very, very serious. The pelvis has spread through the bone marrow. Since July, she has been receiving stronger chemotherapy Which made her lose her hair.

“The cancer has spread to several other organs, the liver is very damaged, they say they don’t know what to do, if there is anything else to do. Her condition is very serious and I don’t know what to do. The thing I can think of doing is asking you to pray.”

Weeping, Julia also highlighted how much Susanna believed in the power of prayer and bolstered the request. “I know everyone here loves her very much. So I ask you please, please, pray for her. The more people pray, the better. Pray for her, for her, for her to stay here with us. God fix she and she stays with us here.” for a longer period.”

Julia is the daughter of Susanna with journalist Mauricio Torres, who died in 2014 after contracting an infectious disease.