November 30, 2022
With evidence of the theft, Davy forces Joachim to kick Isadora at Beyond Illusion TV News

With evidence of the theft, Davy forces Joachim to kick Isadora at Beyond Illusion TV News

David / Raphael (Rafael Vetti) Finally, he will win Joachim (Danilo Mesquita) in behind the illusion. When you find out Isadora Larissa Manoela (Larissa Manoela) agrees to marry a fop, and the magician will review the maintenance of the weaving looms to try and prove that the competitor is stealing the plant. He will get a trump card and blackmail the crook at the sixth Globo opera.

The scary decides to look for the owner of the loom maintenance company and finds out that in addition to being a front, the place has the name of Fatima (Patricia Pinho). David will enter Yehoyaquin’s room and find all the documents that will appear as a file fraud committed in the management of the company.

will go to Eugenio (Marcelo Novas) and he will be able to get his hands on Fatima’s stolen ID with a photo Ursula (Barbara Paz). The scenes will be broadcast from the twenty-seventh day.

In possession of all the evidence that he will have against the enemy, the deceiver will come to him to give an alarm. He surprises the thief and leaves him paralyzed:

Against the facts there are no arguments. I have proof. You will obey me correctly and end your engagement with Isadora. Or I’ll hand you over to the chiefs and the police. You have until tonight to finish your engagement with Isadora. I also demand the return of the money transferred from the fabric. Or I’ll report you and your rogue mother to the police.

there is no way out, Joachim ends his engagement with Isadora. “I don’t understand… Don’t you love me anymore?” asks the tailor. “It’s exactly because I love you so much that I do. I don’t want you to marry a man you don’t love and I also think I deserve to find someone who really loves me,” the blackmailer lies.

However, everything indicates that he will be in the hands of the opponent for a few days. The real Rafael Antunes (Fabricio Belisov) will come out of the coma and regain his memory. He will appear at the textile factory and be received by Ursula’s son.

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