February 6, 2023

With fuel prices on the rise, is it better to fill up on ethanol or gasoline?

Last Friday (11), “Petrobras” announced a new increase in fuel prices. After 57 days without adjustments, the average price of gasoline sold by Petrobras to distributors rose from R$ 3.25 to R$ 3.86, an adjustment of nearly 19%.

Since then, Brazilians have been saddened by this new burden on their personal budget. With this in mind, many people are looking for alternatives to try to balance bills in the face of increased fuel. And one of the questions Brazilians ask is what is more useful: ethanol or gasoline? Check it out below.

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With fuel prices on the rise, is it better to fill up on ethanol or gasoline?

In short, there is a basic calculation for the consumer to understand what fuel is best for his vehicle. The rule states that if ethanol corresponds to 70% of the price of gasoline, then it is the best option.

The formula for calculating which fuel to use is: Divide the performance value of alcohol by the performance of gasoline. For example: if the car travels 7.2 km/l with alcohol and 10 km/l with gasoline, we have an efficiency of 0.72 or 72% with alcohol (7.2 divided by 10).

On the other hand, cars with an on-board computer provide this data for consultation. If your car does not have this device, the action to be performed is to fill the tank, reset the partial odometer or write down the number. Next, travel the distance you prefer and fill the tank again, dividing the total liters filled with miles traveled. This way, you will know which fuel is the best.

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Photo: Deliris / shutterstock.com