August 18, 2022
With intensive care units crowded, Ibanez and Paco Brito decided that Saeed's family would open immediately

With intensive care units crowded, Ibanez and Paco Brito decided that Saeed’s family would open immediately

The increasing occupation of public and private intensive care beds has raised a general state of alert in the leadership of the DF government. At the end of Friday morning (14/1) the governor Ibañes Rocha (MDB) Talk to the Acting Governor, Paco Preto (Avante)He asked his replacement to implement the order for the immediate opening of more intensive care beds.

Like Infected growth by micron variant, in addition to influenza outbreaks And the increase in dengue cases, the occupancy level in intensive care beds returned to 81%, which happened at the height of the epidemic and is considered an already alarming level.


Government members had already informed the general of overcrowded ICU beds Manuel Baviadas, who leads health at DF. But the health minister neglected the warnings and was slow to take action deemed necessary to anticipate a potential collapse in hospitals. The direct intervention of the governor and his incumbent deputy was necessary to ensure that measures were now in place.

so called In addition to hospitals They are structures associated with the regional hospitals in Sealandia and Samambaya. These extensions were built as part of the fight against the pandemic at the initiative of the All Against Covid Committee, coordinated by the deputy governor. Part of the resources were collected with the help of the private sector. These units have the capacity to add another 200 ICU beds to the health system.

“From now on, it is no longer an option: it is the determination. We will open as many beds as necessary as necessary to meet this period of crisis. This was an order of the Governor and I fully support it. The Ministry of Health must provide everything necessary,” Paco Brito told the wide-angle column. to implement the measure.

Paco Prieto is Acting Governor until January 22, when Governor Ibanés returns to office.