June 4, 2023

With SURRIAL values, these are the 10 most expensive PS4 games on the market

According to the survey, 40% of the respondents have a PlayStation 4 at home, which is one of the best sellers. However, for a game to make sense, games are needed, but some very expensive games may not fit into the budget.

So, now watch some of the most expensive PS4 games for sale on the market!

1. “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition”

First of all we have the very popular game because today there is a series with the same name. However, the game costs R$6,499.35, which makes many people give up on living this experience.

Image: reproduction

2. “Resident Evil 2 – Collector’s Edition”

This is definitely out of most people’s budgets, after all, it’s an investment of R$4,497.70 to get there!

3. ‘Resident Evil 3.’ – Collector’s Edition

Here for those who really love it and have the money to spend. This game does not cost less than R $ 5,397.60 in the game stores.

4- Rock music

The Band-in-a-Box package, including a drum kit and guitar, while not as expensive as the rest, costs R$1,236.24.

5. “Gravity Rush”

The attraction can bring in up to $100, or roughly $500 when transferred, if it closes.

The most expensive PS4 games.
Image: reproduction

6. ‘Titanfall 2 – Collector’s Edition’

“Titanfall 2” includes a collector’s edition containing a wearable helmet, flashlight, laser pointer to fight cats, a flash drive, and a scarf worn by protagonist Jack Cooper. To get all of this, invest only 600 USD, which will give you approximately R$3,000.

7. “Godzilla”

The 2014 game may have cost upwards of $200, but on some current listings it’s close to $400!

8. “Niere: Automata Black Box Edition”

This is one of the best RPGs of the last generation. For about $2,000, you get an epic chest, an artbook, a game steel case, and a 2B hero figure.

9. “BioShock – 10th Anniversary Edition”

Spending over a thousand dollars, it’s possible to have a great daddy figure, as well as a scary little sister. For those who just want the statue, it is possible to get it for half the price.

10. “Bob Slinger”

This is probably the most bizarre of all, because it basically serves to dump poo on multiple people. However, it costs $20,000! Checkout price is R$99,734.00!

The most expensive PS4 games.
Image: reproduction