September 26, 2022
With the license to export to the US, Frigorífico Silva will create more jobs

With the license to export to the US, Frigorífico Silva will create more jobs

Photo: Frigorifico Silva, advertisement

One of the most famous slaughterhouses in Rio Grande do Sul, for its modern industrial park and its quality meat, Frigorifico Silva in Santa Maria, has achieved a new record, which should increase slaughter and hundreds of jobs. The Santa Maria industry has been carefully inspected by North American technicians and is approved to export beef from Rio Grande do Sul to the United States, one of the most demanding markets in the world.

Henceforth, Frigorifico Silva is intensifying negotiations to sell the meat to the North American market. Two will be focused: selling meat for hamburgers, but mainly gourmet food, already traditional in the United States and becoming popular in recent years in Brazil. This adds value to the product and also the prices paid to the farmers. Silva pays up to 8% more per kg of bull than the market average, rewarding rural producers who provide animals with high quality. European Angus and Hereford breeds of up to 2 years of age are slaughtered to guarantee tender meat.

Getting a license was a long process. Previously, the meatpacking plant had 8 inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and 25 hired and assigned personnel under the Federal Inspection Administration. This type of practice is accepted by the European market, but the US accepts buying meat from slaughterhouses where 100% inspectors are independent.

To implement the recognition for the United States, Frigorifico Silva secured the support of the Santa Maria City Hall and City Council, which approved a bill allowing the municipality to hire 25 inspectors to investigate the massacres. After this was done, an American delegation came to inspect the industry and a week ago, Silva gave permission to export beef to the United States.

In exchange for the municipality, the meatpacker intends to create 200 new jobs from exports to the North American market. With merit, it is expected that the first batches of meat will be finished and exports will begin in two months. Slaughter and job creation should be gradual as sales increase.

Today, Frigorifico Silva has 1,100 employees and slaughters 700 animals a day, selling a portion of the meat already in portions and frozen packages. It is one of the largest industries in Santa Maria, selling its products under the best beef brands such as the largest supermarket chains in Brazil, such as Carrefour, Pão de Accor and Jafari, as well as many renowned restaurants and fine meat houses. Capital cities like São Paulo, Rio and Porto Alegre.

Silva refrigerator in numbers

  • Jobs – 1.1 thousand
  • Daily slaughter – 700 animals
  • Countries eligible to export meat – 63 countries. Currently, it is sold in 6 countries including Brazil and Uruguay, Egypt and South Africa.