November 29, 2022
With the second round, the government will announce a reduction in energy tariffs

With the second round, the government will announce a reduction in energy tariffs

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Adolfo Sachida, said this Friday, 7, that in the coming months, the government should announce measures to reduce energy tariffs by up to 10% next year. He spoke in an interview with A Voz do Brasil on Brazil TV.

However, Sashida avoided giving further clarification on what the measures would be, but said it would help reduce resource misallocation and shortcomings in the electricity sector. “Brazil will continue to make new cuts to energy, and it will become cheaper,” he said.

These promises are part of the government’s positive agenda in its bid for re-election.

Around fuelIn spite of Petrobras After resuming fuel pricing at its refineries at below international parity this week, Sashida said the government will continue to push for further cuts.

According to the state-owned company’s price policy, these inputs should be readjusted upwards to keep pace with the upward movement abroad, driven by higher oil due to OPEC production cuts. “We are working on a further reduction in the price of fuel,” he said, without giving further details.

The minister also mentioned that in the coming weeks, there will be a “milestone” for offshore wind and green hydrogen. The matter is slowly being debated in Congress due to the electoral calendar, and at least in the case of offshore winds, the sector is temporarily dependent on ordinances with initial forecasts by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment drawn up in public consultation, close to the deadline for completion, October 9.