February 1, 2023
With tough rhetoric against Putin and announcing more sanctions, Biden celebrates first State of the Union |  World

With tough rhetoric against Putin and announcing more sanctions, Biden celebrates first State of the Union | World

USA President , Joe Bidenhardened his words against Russian President Vladimir Putin More sanctions were announced on Russia to war in ukrainethis Tuesday (1), in the first state of the union, the traditional proclamation that takes place once a year in Congress we.

6 days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putinof Russia, thought it would shake the foundations of the free world, thinking he could make it bend his menacing ways, but he had a miscalculation, he faced the Ukrainian people,” Biden said.

American Quoting the speech of the President of UkraineAnd the Volodymyr ZelenskyTo the European Parliament, he thanked the presence of the Ukrainian Ambassador in Washington Oksana Markarova, who was warmly welcomed by members of Congress and guests.

“We stand with the Ukrainian people,” Biden said.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the US receives a warm welcome during Joe Biden’s speech

Throughout our history we have learned this lesson: When dictators don’t pay the price for their aggression, they cause more chaos“They keep moving,” Biden said. “The costs and threats to the United States and the world continue to grow.”

Biden defended the importance of US diplomacy and the military alliance NATO (NATO), formed by the United States and 29 other countries. He also said that the United States would protect “every inch of NATO“.

“That is why the alliance NATO It was created to ensure peace and stability in Europe after World War II. The United States is a member along with 29 other countries. this is important. American diplomacy is important.”

Biden: The United States will protect every inch of NATO territory

Biden: The United States will protect every inch of NATO territory

Putin’s war was premeditated, not provoked […] Felt that the West and NATO They will split. He thought he could separate us. “He was wrong,” he said.

“To all Americans, I will be honest with you, as I have always promised I will be,” Biden said. “A Russian dictator invades a foreign countryIt has costs all over the world.”

More sanctions against Putin

Biden announced the closure of US airspace to Russian flights and a series of “severe” economic sanctions that would “harm”.

Putin knows he is isolated as never beforeAnd we are together. In cooperation with our allies, we are now securing strong sanctions against them.”

But he emphasized that it would protect American companies and consumers from side effects. To this end, announced The release of emergency oil stocks of the United States and alliess. There will be 60 million barrels in total, only 30 million from US reserves.

“And we stand ready to do more, if necessary, with our allies,” Biden said. “The measures will show Putin that he is getting weaker and the rest of the world getting stronger.”

The US President also said that the US Department of Justice will do so Investigation and punishment of Russian oligarchs involved in criminal activities.

“Today I say to the Russian oligarchs and the corrupt leaders who stole billions of dollars from this violent regime, no more,” said the American. We join our European allies Find and grab yachts, luxury apartments and private jets. We are after your ill-gotten gains.”

President Joe Biden in Congress for his State of the Union address – Photo: GloboNews

The US president united the Republican and Democratic parties in announcing measures against Putin and the Russian oligarchy.

As soon as he reported on the recent sanctions against Russia, Biden praised both sides in the US Congress, Despite the Biden administration’s failure to achieve consensus on its domestic policy issues, – Like an infrastructure package, for example.

Generally, members of Congress take advantage of the State of the Union to send symbolic messages to the government. in this year, Many of them wore blue and yellowwhich is the same science UkraineTo show support for this nation and the American response to this war.

Actors Brenda Lawrence (D-MI), Terry Sewell (D-AL) and Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-DE) arrive at the State of the Union address at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, USA, March 1, 2022 – Photo: Sarabeth Mane / Paul via Reuters

Economy and Infrastructure

In addition to the war UkraineBiden also spoke on topics on his internal agenda. The president has once again defended his infrastructure plan, which is facing resistance in Congress.

The president also gave him A proposal to fight inflation in the United Statesa concern that has worsened during the pandemic.

“My plan to fight inflation will lower your costs and lower your deficit,” Biden will say.

“We have a choice,” said the Democrat. “One way to fight inflation is to cut wages and make Americans poorer. I have a better plan to fight inflation.”

“Reduce your costs, not your salary,” the president said. “Make more cars and semiconductors in the United States. More infrastructure and innovation in the United States.”

Suffrage and the first black woman on the Supreme Court

The US President has appealed to the Senate to pass a free voting law called the John Lewis Act.

boost The right to vote as a fundamental right He said he has been hampered by state laws that make it difficult for the most vulnerable communities to vote.

Biden also talked about the candidacy Kitangi Brown Jackson, the first justice of the Supreme Courtwhich must pass Congressional approval.

jackson, black woman, It will be chaired by Secretary Stephen Breyer, who was also honored during the State of the Union.

The US president began the speech by celebrating the possibility of doing so this year in person, while relaxing the measures for Covid-19.

In the United States, there are already several statesRemoving the mandatory use of masks even indoors due to advances in vaccination.

“Tonight I can say that we will be safely back to more normal routines,” Biden said.

As the President remembered the victims of the epidemic, and He said it is necessary to “be vigilant” and continue to fight the virus, and its transmission, to avoid new variants.

“We will never give up on vaccinating more Americans,” the Democrat said. In the United States, 65.2% of the population is fully vaccinated, according to the Our World in Data platform.

He added that the country was close to approving vaccinations for children under the age of five, and that scientists were “working hard” to develop antiviral treatments.

What is a state in the union?

It is the President’s speech delivered each year in a joint session of the US Congress. In it, the Head of State and Government provides an explanation to parliamentarians, the military, and members of the Supreme Court about the current situation in the United States and the plans and priorities for the year.

George Washington gave his first State of the Union address on January 8, 1790.

Traditionally, the President of the United States requires the efforts of Representatives and Senators to approve projects that the head of government believes are important.