December 1, 2023
With Yuri Alberto speculating at Palmeiras, the journalist speaks with the Inter director: 'You can quote my name'

With Yuri Alberto speculating at Palmeiras, the journalist speaks with the Inter director: ‘You can quote my name’

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The CEO of the club from Rio Grande do Sul was asked how Palmeiras moved to hire Yuri Alberto

Photo: Pedro H. Tesch / AGIF
Photo: Pedro H. Tesch / AGIF

With the new management, newly installed, and the reinforcements already announced, such as midfielder Eduardo Atoesta and goalkeeper Marcelo Lomba, Palmeiras continues his search for reinforcements and even determines the future of the players in his team, as was the case with a farewell. Willian Begood, This Monday (20). Among the surveys, speculations and interests in the market, the names of potential hires are drowning out on social networks and sports programs.

Internacional’s Yuri Alberto is considered one of the most watched players by Verdau, who will be on the Palestinian scene for 2022. With Palmeiras as a priority to appoint a striker, the Rio Grande do Sul club’s player has entered as a strong candidate to fill one of the vacancies in the offensive sector. in the academy.

last week, Information showed that Palmeiras offered Inter a sum of money as well as 4 players in exchange for Yuri Alberto. However, in an investigation by journalist Paolo Masini, who contacted Internacional’s CEO, Paolo Brax, there was a reason the negotiations did not take place: there was not even a proposal.

Masini revealed the dialogue he had with the director, who asked him: “Did the Palmeiras show come?” “No, no suggestion,” Brax replied, according to the journalist. However, to conclude the dialogue, Paolo Masini evaluates: “The guys who say that Inter rejected the proposal that was not made?”. In short, the CEO of Rio Grande do Sul said: “Exactly.”

If the signing of Yuri Alberto is just a piece of speculation in the green universe, then striker Rafael Navarro, who played in the second division in 2021 for Botafogo, is very close to being announced by Palmeiras. The 21-year-old has a contract expiring in Rio de Janeiro and has rejected proposals from the Arab world and MLS to settle his move to the football academy. Bolavip Brasil has learned that Navarro is set to arrive in Sao Paulo next week to undergo tests and sign a contract valid for five seasons.