August 7, 2022
Withdrawal from FGTS: CAIXA still issues R$1,000 to workers;  See how to withdraw

Withdrawal from FGTS: CAIXA still issues R$1,000 to workers; See how to withdraw

Workers who have not yet completed pull from FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) Refunds can still be made. The exemption period has not yet expired, even for those released on time. On the other hand, workers who do not have the funds in the account can still request access to the funds. However, the term is limited.

This is because there is a deadline for workers to receive the refund. Moreover, it is important for the citizen to know what to do with FGTSTo avoid unnecessary redemption of escrow fund accounts.

Exceptional withdrawal rules for FGTS up to 1000 BRL

First of all, according to the FGTS withdrawal rules, the user must fulfill the following conditions:

  • have a balance in an active account (related to the current job) of the FGTS;
  • You have a balance in an inactive account (with reference to previous positions) of the FGTS;
  • Lack of outstanding balance in credit operations, such as expecting a withdrawal on Christmas.

In addition, interested parties will be able to check if there is any balance in their account that can be withdrawn, and they can consult through the FGTS application.

Thus, the worker must consult outside of digital media, and personally go to the Caixa branch.

How do you request a withdrawal?

At first, it will not be necessary to request a withdrawal, because the money will be automatically saved in the worker’s account in square his. However, if the beneficiary does not have an account in the application, Caixa Econômica will open an account on behalf of the worker.

On the other hand, in cases where the worker has incomplete data with the guarantee fund, it will be necessary to reach the agency’s request to complete the information and request the release of resources. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Access to the application FGTSIs available for Android and iOS;
  2. If the system informs you of the need to request a withdrawal, press the “Request withdrawal” option on the orange button;
  3. Once you’ve done that, click “Confirm” to allow a Caixa social savings account to be opened in your name. This is the only option for receiving FGTS resources;
  4. Finally, the following message will appear: “The cashier will process the order and if everything is in order, the amount will be credited to your account.”

Service channels

First, in case of doubt, the worker will have the following service channels:

FGTS Application and Caixa Econômica Federal Agencies:

  • Consult the amount to be deposited;
  • Check credit history in a digital social savings account;
  • Inform that you do not want to receive credit for the amount;
  • request to return the amount deposited in the FGTS account;
  • Finally, change the registration to create a digital social savings account.


  • First, consult if the worker has the right to exceptional withdrawal from the FGTS;
  • Finally, check the credit history in your digital social savings account.

About the guarantee fund

a FGTS It is a financial reserve for the worker, as guaranteed by the Basic Law Act. Every month, the company deposits 8% of the employee’s salary amount. Funds are withdrawn only in case of dismissal without just cause.

On the other hand, in the event of dismissal for good reason, as well as a request for resignation by the employee, the funds will remain in the fund, but without the ability to transfer them. However, the amount can also be released in emergency situations, as is currently the case.

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