December 2, 2023

Without Bonner, Jornal Nacional makes historic announcement live: “Today”

William Bonner did not appear in the news and was replaced by Helter Duarte

This Monday, the nineteenth, William Bonner missed work in The National Gazette and was replaced by Helter Duarte on the Globo platform.

The presenter, along with Renata Vasconcelos, reported the news with global ramifications about a historic act. Several countries participated.

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According to what was published in the Journal Nacional, groups from different continents met in favor of the environment and came to a decision that will change the situation in the world from next year.

“Nearly two hundred countries have completed a landmark agreement to protect a third of the planet’s ecosystems by 2030. The agreement will also prevent the extinction of thousands of species of animals and plants,” declared Helter Duarte.

William Bonner’s understudy still records the financial trouble around him. He pointed out that “at the United Nations summit in Montreal, Canada, it was agreed to spend up to 30 billion dollars annually to help developing countries preserve the environment.”

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Hilter Duarte took over from William Bonner at Journal Nacional (Photo: reproduction/TV Globo)
Hilter Duarte took over from William Bonner at Journal Nacional (Photo: reproduction/TV Globo)

Globo’s new stage

Since last year, the station has faced a series of changes. They all hit the press and the entertainment sector.

Many financial portfolios have been laid off and countless professionals have been fired, especially the older ones, who have earned real wealth from the paycheck. According to a statement from the same channel, the intention is to reduce the budget.

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