July 21, 2024

Without evidence of vaccination against the Corona virus, Djokovic stops in Australia and spends the night at the airport

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Andrej Isakovic/AFP
Andrej Isakovic/AFP

to share Novak Djokovic number Australian Open It became a TV series from the moment he decided to compete without proving whether he had been vaccinated against the Corona virus. The world’s No. 1 tennis player arrived in Melbourne this Wednesday, 5, but was stopped at the airport because he had problems filling out his visa. The Serb reportedly provided false documents shortly after disembarking the plane at Tullamarine Airport. According to the Australian press, Djokovic’s team had made a mistake in filling out the visa forms, without adding the important information he obtained Special medical permission to enter the country Without the need for proof of covid-19 vaccination, which is a mandatory requirement for anyone traveling to Australia.

The player arrived on Australian soil at approximately 23:30 local time, 9:30 am Brasilia time. Until this article was published, he and his team were still waiting for permission to enter the country. Her luggage had not been released until then, at mid-morning Thursday local time. Djokovic’s father, Srdjan, said the player was taken to a room by himself, separate from his team, Without a cell phone and two police officers at the door. Also, according to the local press, the visa issue should not prevent the tennis player from entering, but rather make his arrival in Australia more stressful and stressful.

However, it is possible for a tennis player to face new problems even after settling his visa. Still at the airport, he will get his own permission to enter the assessed country and compete in the Australian Open, scheduled to begin on the 17th of this month. Medical permission is granted in the form of an exception for special cases where the visitor is unable or unable to complete the covid-19 vaccination. The local authorities will decide whether to accept the reasons given by the world ranking leader.

Djokovic It was announced on Tuesday that he was on the plane Australia After obtaining a special medical permit, which is permitted by local legislation. But the Serb did not reveal his motives. Australian Open director Craig Tilley told reporters the causes could include previous reactions to vaccinations, recent surgery, myocarditis or evidence of coronavirus infection in the past six months. The Australian press has most speculated that he has contracted the virus in the past six months. “It would certainly be important for Novak to explain the circumstances under which he sought and obtained this permission, but it is up to him,” Tilley said.

However, the situation sparked international news and became another controversy among the tennis player. Athletes and other personalities in the tennis world have already condemned this request Djokovic to enter Australia Without disclosing your vaccination status He refuses to disclose whether he has taken the serum.

The controversy grew so much that the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison, was forced to announce to the public to comment on the case. He stated that there would be no benefits to the tennis player if he did not present evidence strong enough to justify the special statement. “If this evidence is insufficient, he will not be treated differently and will be on the next plane to return. There should be no special rules for Novak Djokovic. Nothing at all,” the politician said.

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