July 14, 2024

“Without Levert and Rafael Portugal, we don’t know the future of the BBB”

"Without Levert and Rafael Portugal, we don't know the future of the BBB"
"Without Levert and Rafael Portugal, we don't know the future of the BBB"

the “BBB 22″, which will open on January 17, will be full of news Produced by Rafael Portugal From the Board of Directors of “CAT BBB”, columnist at splash Chico Barney comments on the challenges that reality show You will have to involve the audience.

Feeling happy in Brazil seems to be getting harder. Rafael Portugal is one of the other victims of the “BBB 22” team, the departure of which is also Thiago Levert. We are all without knowing what is the future of Brazil’s most beloved reality show.

On social media, Rafael Portugal explained that Decision to leave the reality show It was due to not agreeing to the exclusive contract proposed by Globo. The comedian, who has other projects, will replace Danny Calabresa.

According to Chico Barney, Portugal took a hit from Boninho in terms of humor within reality A show, but Calabresa is also a great comedian.

For the first time in history we laughed at some humorous BBB painting, which has always been a tragedy. Raphael rewrote that story. Now, Danny Calabresa has a mission to take his place. She’s a great comedian and we’ll see if she succeeds.

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