March 31, 2023
Without revealing the cause, Atlético-MG chief says he has 'idea' about the team's problems |  Athlete - mg

Without revealing the cause, Atlético-MG chief says he has ‘idea’ about the team’s problems | Athlete – mg

a Atletico MG He’s going through a bad phase, with few positive results and a tendency to just be a supporting player in the Brazilian football season. In the meantime, there is a search for a diagnosis of the problems. Without revealing what the photo was, chief Sergio Coelho said he had “some idea” of the causes at the time the team was working.

Using Atlético at home in 2022 leaves something to be desired compared to last year

– It doesn’t work for some reasons that we don’t even know, and I guess not everyone knows. If we know what the problem is, we’ll go there. We have an idea of ​​what it could be, and we’re working to change it – he told Radio Itataya.

The representative of Galo praised the positive aspects of the club – salary on time, CT, quality of actors, Cuca, football direction. And that the only tool to be used is “work, work, work” so that Atlético can rediscover the paths to success on the field.

“Right now we have to support, and find out what happens to get out of this difficult time together. We understand the fans’ dissatisfaction. We will only leave if we are rowing together in the same direction.”

President Sergio Coelho, President of Atlético-MG – Photo: Globo

The Atlético president also emphasized that, at a certain moment, external pressure on players can “work against them”. Sergio Coelho highlighted the quality of Gallo’s crew and that he is talking with Rodrigo Caetano and Coca to find a solution.

There’s no point in just hitting, fighting, and cursing. I don’t have the style of stepping into a locker room and kicking, I wouldn’t. I respect people. I have a habit of waiting 24 hours after the end of the match to make important decisions – Analyzes Sergio Coelho.

Atletico comes from a defeat against Goiás and a draw against America-MG in the last two rounds of the Brazilian championship. Still stagnant in seventh, now with 36 points, still without entering the G-6, the vacant primary zone at Libertadores 2023.

The next match will be on Sunday, against Atlético Joe, the runners-up of the league. Kuka already warned that the team needed an urgent victory to restore confidence and try to sprint. It is the same vision of Sergio Coelho.

– We see that the team has lost confidence, maybe emotional gets in the way, yes. In any area of ​​life, pressure is valid to some extent, and then it works against it. We are human, we can stand up to a moment. Then he gets in the way.”

“We have one of the best teams in Brazil, a competent and experienced technical committee, a competent football manager. CT is a high level, the salaries are up to date. So, it is difficult for you to diagnose.”

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program – Photo: Disclosure