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Without thinking about legacy, Fernando Lazaro says he was not consulted about new Corinthians coach | Corinthians

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Without thinking about legacy, Fernando Lazaro says he was not consulted about new Corinthians coach |  Corinthians
Without thinking about legacy, Fernando Lazaro says he was not consulted about new Corinthians coach |  Corinthians

temporary technician CorinthiansFernando Lazaro avoided talking about the club’s search for a new captain and preferred, in a press conference held at dawn Wednesday to Thursday, to stick to the analysis of Timao’s victory through 3-0 against Sao Bernardoin the new chemistry arena.

When asked if he had been consulted by Alfinegra’s board about the names that were on the agenda to replace Sylvinho, Fernando Lazaro said:

In addition to having a large club structure, with many areas, we are very involved in the training routine, because it is something new, and it also requires a lot of our attention. We are involved in matters related to the game, the board continues to play (the search for the coach) with the structure that the club has, the monitoring department, which helps in these matters.

The timer also evaded when asked if he had a desire to be hired and if he was considering getting a Corinthians Libertadores title:

– No, I don’t. The most I can do is Ribeirao Preto, on Saturday (for the match against Botafogo-SP), that is our target now, as we are always looking for the very short term.

In more than one moment, Fernando Lazaro has confirmed that he is not thinking of Timão in the medium and long term.

– I don’t think of it as a legacy, we’ve worked a lot on a daily basis, trying to fit in with the technical team, and the many professionals involved. Last time I didn’t mention Marcelo Karpis, who was helping out a lot, including staying on the bench. We work on a daily basis. I have no intention of a legacy, that’s not the goal, we’re trying to help at this moment, putting the athletes in a situation for an important sequence that the club had in front of it – he said.

– I never thought about it, it’s a matter of circumstance as it happened. My entire path in the club was step by step. I spent many years on the first pass, and now I’m back. I never expected so many things in the future, things just happened naturally. I went through several stages, in many roles, and didn’t design anything in the future, but it was a fun experience – I completed the transition.

Fernando Lazaro, Corinthians interim coach, in the Sao Bernardo match – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

with Lazarus Corinthians He won all three matches he played that year. In 2021, he had already won the two games in which he led the team before Sylvinho’s arrival.

Group A leader Paulistao with 13 points and one game less than the other teams in the group, Timão returns to the field on Saturday, against Botafogo-SP, at 18:30, away from home.

Check out other excerpts from Fernando Lazzaro’s press conference below:

I don’t see a difference in his positioning from the first to the second. He played a role the game was designed in this way, the opponent showed a lot of energy, scored, in the first half they did a very good job, they were neutralized, we didn’t get that ball much in the last third, between the lines and then arm the attackers. As the game progressed, we improved this aspect, the opponent also reduced his defensive ability, then spaces began to appear, he was very happy with the definitions, he has a lot of quality. Roger played a great game in the last match, he made good moves, he adapts to these possibilities, the team also understands his movement, offsides. In any case, it is developing little by little, it is normal in this way, and today it is crowned with goals.

– For the first time, the five beginners, with a physical condition. For me, they handled the game well, a difficult first half, with a lot of defenses, difficult spaces, and the quality of the opponent hindered our build. Willian had a great game, even in the first half he managed to get unbalanced on the left, if I’m not mistaken, he had three yellow cards. In addition to other virtues, he has this advantage, that single aspect that breaks a mark at a moment like this in the game. He managed to withstand the match well, scoring an important goal for him. He did close to 70 minutes, more than we expected, it was incremental progression for him and a very good performance.

The voice of the crowd - bald: "An important victory to continue with confidence"

A Voz da Torcida – Careca: “An important victory that continues with confidence”

Five reinforcements as a start

– There are five top level athletes, and that helps a lot, as they grow in terms of conditioning and chemistry. In addition to the technical and physical quality, they have great tactical readability, reprogram themselves and adjust themselves during the game according to the needs, they are also very versatile and can occupy different spaces during the game. It is growing and the trend is that this will improve over the course of the games.

Average age over 30 years

The athletes performed well. With the sequence of games, they resisted and supported well and we have this mod in harmony, which enhances their gameplay. This knowledge, this dynamism that the team acquires. There are departments that control this in the club, but I don’t consider it a handicap, I don’t think excessive age could be a factor to worry about.

– We have a striker, Joe played frequently, he did well in the first match in Eto’o, he helped us a lot and gave this characteristic. In these other games, Jô is started and entered during the games, adding a different characteristic. We also have players who are not necessarily central strikers who have also been responsive and contributing to the team. Such were the games, and Jô was helped when necessary.

– Luan is an athlete who has always trained well, since I contacted him, he has done his best. During the week, I talked to him a little bit about the way the team plays, which gives the possibility to do a job from the outside in, floating, he’s done that at other times, and it’s nice to do that. The game allowed us to create opportunities to see him, he is an athlete we rely on a lot. He came late, but managed to get minutes, which is important for him and the sequence of matches.

– It is normal for Joao Pedro, an athlete, to enter the job. In the last match, it may have raised some doubts, but it was a situational matter. I made a substitution already at the start of the second half, and had to make the second switch, there would only be one more stop, and we tried to correct two things in one change. On the normal track, João Pedro’s entry into the role was a natural. Wagner recovered well from the discomfort he felt, but the match allowed him to make the substitution at that moment, keep the athlete and give the rhythm to Joao Pedro, who played a great match, entered the match well, was safe, took defensive measures and then advanced in the offensive part, And driving, he reached the bottom, and gave a cross. I didn’t speak to the athlete, but I think he felt good in that first match in the arena.

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