February 5, 2023
Woman sees necrosis in her leg after injury to her foot and fights nine days to get care in SP: 'real neglect' |  More health

Woman sees necrosis in her leg after injury to her foot and fights nine days to get care in SP: ‘real neglect’ | More health

A 59-year-old woman with diabetes is at risk of losing half of her right leg due to an injury to her foot. The patient, who preferred not to be identified, waited nine days in a health unit in Guaruja, on the coast of São Paulo, until she was transferred to another unit that could perform the necessary treatment. Meanwhile, three of his fingers had died.

The victim’s daughter said to g 1And On Sunday (17), the patient was admitted to the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in Guaruja on April 7 with a foot injury. The family reports that she has diabetes, which leads to a lower recovery rate for the patient. So it was necessary for her to receive the appropriate treatment as soon as possible, which did not happen.

According to the family, the situation in which the patient was exposed reveals “real neglect”. While waiting for a place at Santo Amaro Hospital, which serves the Unified Health System (SUS), the patient’s right foot wound became infected and rapidly worsened.

“The doctors said there was nothing to be done,” the daughter revealed.

Without proper treatment, the patient’s foot began to appear in necrosis. It started with one toe, and when the macula finally came out, the patient already had three fully necrotic toes, and part of the condition had spread across the foot. to me g 1The daughter described the smell of the limbs becoming unbearable.

Necrosis spread quickly on the feet of a diabetic – Photo: personal archive

“She needs to get surgery urgently,” he says.

After nine days of hospital stay and waiting for a vacancy in the second hospital, Guaruja Municipal Health Department reported, on Friday afternoon (16), that the patient’s transfer has been released. The family confirmed that in the evening of the same day, the relative was transferred.

Although relieved by the vacancy clearing, the patient’s daughter says that because the wound developed, the concern was no longer whether or not her mother would amputate her toe, but whether her right foot would have to be amputated, or half of it. from the leg.

The family says the patient will undergo tests to determine the extent of her right leg amputation. “The health system is going through a complex moment and those who ‘push the duck’ are the ones who need it most,” he said.

The wound started in the sole of the foot after the patient stepped on something – Photo: personal archive

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