November 30, 2023
Women dominate the American real estate market - cities

Women dominate the American real estate market – cities

Photo: Advertising / Dino

The historically male-dominated U.S. housing market has been changing profiles in recent years. According to National Association of Real Estate Companies (NAR), women make up 67% of the country’s real estate industry. According to the survey, the general profile of the sector in 2022 is made up of white women in their 50s with a university education.

In commercial real estate, women also hold leadership positions. According to Ferguson Partners, last year they held 50.4% of the new board positions of the country’s leading real estate investment boards.

Women also stand out when it comes to buying real estate. By 2021, 20% of homes purchased in the United States will be purchased by single women. Only 10% of single men. According to the NAR, single women are more than twice the number of single men owning homes in all major U.S. cities. The average age of first property buyers is 33 years, with an average annual salary of $ 86,000.

“The more women work and invest in the real estate sector, the more women will be encouraged to participate”, said Emily Porto, Brazilian, partner owner. Froca Company, Real Estate Business Center in Orlando, Florida. Together with her partner Alexandre Firaca, the entrepreneur works for an organization that trains brokers to provide the best service to a growing audience in this market in the United States: Latin American Women.

“Latin people have always played a key role in concluding contracts for family property. Now, young women are learning to invest in real estate and are particularly interested in business. Holiday homes”, Says Emily, who lectures on property protection and property management abroad. “Education needs to teach and understand the demands of women who want to invest,” she says.

According to NAR, Overseas buyers About $ 5.1 billion was transferred to Florida apartments last year.