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Women make up the majority of volleyball coaches in the United States

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They occupy 80% of the volleyball coaching positions in the country, but the men lead professional teams.

Miami 5/30/2022 –

They occupy 80% of the volleyball coaching positions in the country, but the men lead professional teams.

Portal, using a database of 30 million profiles Zippy Evaluates statistics and statistics for sports professionals in the United States. According to the most recent survey, the company estimates that more than 65,000 volleyball coaches are employed in the country. Women make up the majority of the industry, with 80% of coaching positions. The current results show significant growth in recent years. In 2010, the same company found that 66% of North American volleyball coaches were women.

The survey also revealed that 67% of whites, 13.6% of Latino and 9.2% of black people, the average age of these professionals is 34 years and the majority of races. In terms of pay, female trainers earn 2% less than men in the same position. The study aims to identify working conditions in the field, following the United States, Brazil and China, which are currently leading the world in women’s volleyball.

Dayanna Barbosa, 29, of Minas Gerais, joins a team of Latin American coaches in the country. Since 2019, she has coached the Polk Eagles women’s team and is the general coordinator of the Top Select Volleyball Academy in Orlando, Florida. According to the Brazilian, female professionals are especially respected in American schools and universities, which, according to Gippia, are the industry that employs the most female coaches in the country and provides the best pay. “The United States also respects professionals with different backgrounds and languages ​​because they understand that it helps to create elite athletes,” says the former McKenzie club in Belo Horizonte.

The Americans, who won their first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics under the guidance of California coach Kerch Crawley, excelled in women’s volleyball in 2021. Although men are a minority in the division, they still lead coaching positions on professional teams.

With the future of the game in mind, the United States announces the creation of a new professional women’s volleyball league, League One Volleyball (LOVB), Chaired by Administrator Mary Wittenberg, and the 100% Sports Council for Women. The aim is to produce more athletes and coaches in the country from the youth level to the Olympic division.

Website: https://www.zippia.com/volleyball-coach-jobs/demographics/

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