March 26, 2023

Women’s place wherever you want! Including science and technology

Have you ever imagined doing something so important that your name deserves an award title? If Augusta Ada King was still among us, she could describe this feeling to us. Best known as Ada Lovelace, the author and mathematician is known as the first woman to program a computer and is currently considered the mother of science..

In the middle of the 19th century, the Countess analyzed and translated mathematical materials, with which it was possible at a time with the further development of technology to create the world’s first algorithm, thereby proving its logic, which was later legalized.

In order to recognize the work of great female scientists, the Ada Lovelace Prize was launched in 2016, which annually honors women who contribute to HPC (Highly Developed Computing) within Europe and around the world, thereby becoming an inspiration to other women of determination and themselves.

Carol Shaw, a computer engineer, is also one of those women who revolutionized the era in which they lived. In 1955, it pioneered digital game development: it created software for games and consoles. Among the other names we have Frances Allen, Grace Hopper, Roberta Williams, Kathryn Johnson, and Hedy Lamarr.

In memory of February 11 – International Day of Women and Girls in Science, it is necessary to pay tribute to their names. Established in 2015 by the General Assembly and celebrated by the United Nations and UNESCO, the date aims to highlight women’s participation and persistence in overcoming barriers and promoting freedom of choice, in order to increase the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Only 30% of researchers worldwide are women.

The performance of women in the history of technology is phenomenal, but this presence finds it difficult to gain recognition. To this end, valuing and including more girls and women in fields of science and technology is a way to ensure greater diversity, innovation and growth.

Many initiatives combine to change this scenario and Intel is proud to support projects that encourage and enable more and more women to enter science and technology. One of the many amazing projects supported by Intel is “Plano de Menina,” a social program created in 2016 that aims to empower girls in Brazilian communities to be the protagonists of their own stories.

It is imperative that more companies promote initiatives that increase the role of women in technology and science.source: photo

Through workshops and communication with women from different fields of knowledge, about 2,000 girls have been supported to walk towards their plans. The Front proposes to join the project and conduct preparatory workshops for 8 months, with access to face-to-face meetings and content from the Plano de Menina digital platform. Ultimately, if they want to become a teen mentor, they can join a talent bank to connect with job opportunities and free courses and events.

Another project is Cloud Girls, which offers its participants the possibility of optimization, outdoor placement, networking and a lot of fun in an exclusive moment for women, today it is considered the largest technical meet for women in Brazil, with more than 9,200 members.

The meeting was created so that women feel free to talk about technology and take on the challenge of developing new methods to qualify professionals so that they can act as conversion agents. The Intel Cloud Girls partnership has been around since 2020 with promoting events and mentorships that have already impacted over 15,000 women.

There are many open doors, so women who love science and technology, don’t be shy, there are amazing women who are making a difference and you can be one of them!