July 15, 2024

Work from the comfort of your home: OLX offers 190 home office jobs

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Today OLX Brasil is one of the main buying and selling platforms Online The state offers 190 vacancies home officeNo work from home. The company’s opportunities target youth who meet the requirements of the Young Trainee Program. with the method home office The company has been able to hire professionals outside of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. This year alone, more than 70 people were hired from other locations to work from home.

Those assigned to work from home will be able to work in the following areas: marketingBusiness, strategy, operations, finance, human resources, products and engineering. It is indicated that it deals with vacancies home office, people from all over the country can apply, as long as they have knowledge in the chosen sector.

Check out some of the OLX job opportunities to work at home below:

  • Strategy Specialist
  • Complete Data Analyst | marketing
  • Senior Compensation Analyst
  • business consultant closer
  • Production Manager
  • Infrastructure engineer person
  • data engineer person
  • developer person from Programming
  • agile product operations
  • specialized
  • Senior Product Designer
How to apply for OLX jobs?

Interested parties should register on the OLX website for job vacancies. When choosing the opportunity, all necessary information about the company, job, activities, requirements, etc. will be provided.

At the bottom of the page, check the box. “I interested” Complete your application using your full name, address, phone number, experience and training, among other data. In general, to participate in the OLX Young Trainee Program, young people must be between 14 and 24 years old and be enrolled or have completed high school.

In some selections for job vacancies, companies create a specific age group within the group and can also search for candidates registered in a particular shift.

Under the Apprenticeship Act, young people are hired to fill vacancies home office It has some benefits included, such as: the thirteenth salary, paid leave, which must coincide with school holidays, in addition to the prohibition of overtime and night work, from 10 pm to 5 am, a maximum of 6 hours of daily work, registered work in a workbook among others.

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