October 1, 2022
World Surfing Championships: Italo Ferreira wins his debut and advances in pipeline |  browse

World Surfing Championships: Italo Ferreira wins his debut and advances in pipeline | browse

current olympic champion, Italo Ferreira He had difficulties in making his debut for the 2022 World Surfing Championship season, even changing the board, but was able to win the first round of the pipeline stage, in Hawaii. On Saturday, the Brazilian scored 7.06 points to beat Australian Callum Robson (6.17) and Peruvian Miguel Tudela (4.03). With the victory, Italo advanced directly to the third round.

GE tracks all phases of the season in real time, with temperatures moving up to the round of 16.

Italo Ferreira scored 5.83 points and topped the world surfing championship

Sea Italo battery time rose the fifth of the day. The waves were swallowing the surfers at the end of the tube. The two-time Olympic champion tried, but stayed in the tube. Even in the third wave, the Brazilian got out of the tube and maneuvered to gain 5.83 points. Soon, he changed boards, but didn’t get a good second wave. Nevertheless, he stayed ahead, adding 7.06 points to 6.17 for Robson and 4.03 for Tudela.

Italo Ferreira, WSL, surf – Photo: Matt Dunbar/WSL

Right before Italo started playing, Cayo Ibele was the first Brazilian to go to sea. A replacement for current world champion Gabriel Medina, who has given up the dispute to take care of his mental health, Caio did not threaten Australian Conor O’Leary (7.83 + 7.67), but added 10.07 points to beat Australian Morgan Cilic, who finished fifth last year. , to advance directly to the third round.

Brazilians also advanced in the sixth round of the day. The current global runner-up, Philip Toledo He started a good wave with his antenna at the end to win the dispute adding 7.00 points. In a difficult sea, rookie Samuel Bobo added 4.57 points and also advanced in second place, beating Hawaiian Evan Florence, who received a blow from the wave at the beginning of the heat and had to change boards.

Four other Brazilians will still compete in the first round on Saturday: Miguel Bobo, Judson Andre, Joao Chianca and David Silva.

The first round heats up the pipeline

  • Patria 1: Jordi Smith (AFS) 6,46 x Ezekiel Lau (HAV) 7,00× Owen Wright (Australia) 13,34
  • battery 2: Griffin Colpento (USA) 10.47 x Jordan Lawler (Australia) 5,60 x Matthew McGillivray (AFS) 7,67
  • Battery 3: Morgan Cibilic (Australia) 5.17x Conor O’Leary (Australia) 15.50× Cayo Ibili (Brazil) 10,07
  • battery 4: Conner Coffin (EUA) 9,63 x Jake Marshall (EUA) 2,43 x Baron Mamia (HAV) 16,57
  • Battery 5: Italo Ferreira (Brazil) 706× Callum Robson (Australia) 6.17 x Miguel Tudela (PER) 403
  • Battery 6: Philip Toledo (Brazil) 7,00× Samuel Bobo (Brazil) 4.57 x Evan Florence (HAV) 0.23
  • Battery 7: Kanna Igarashi (Japan) x Seth Muniz (HAV) x Carlos Munhos (CRC)
  • Battery 8: Frederico Moraes (Bor) x Miguel Bobo (Brazil) x Jackson Baker (Australia)
  • Patria 9: John John Florence (HAV) x Judson Andre (Brazil) x Joao Chianca (Brazil)
  • Battery 10: Jack Robinson (Australia) x Kelly Slater (EUA) x Luca Messinas (PER)
  • Battery 11: Kolohe Andino (EUA) x Ethan Ewing (AUS) x Imaikalani deVault (HAV)
  • Battery 12: Leonardo Ferravanti (ITA) x David Silva (Brazil) x Nat Young (USA)