June 26, 2022
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Worlds 2021: 10,000 Garvan IV skins will be distributed during the final

NS worlds 2021 It will bring opportunity to the players League of Legends Also included are some free skins during the tournament final. Riot Games revealed that 10,000 Jarvan IV skins from this version of Worlds will be distributed to fans who follow the decision.

Check out the ad below. There, Riot says fans will be able to try their chance by watching the finals through Official sports website de League of Legends.

Riot Games has unveiled the Jarvan IV skin to celebrate the 2021 Championship in SeptemberNoting that part of the sales of this skin will be donated to the participating teams in the world.

Photo: Disclosure / Riot Games

NS worlds 2021 It takes place on November 6 with the Grand Final between DWG Kia and EDG. You can follow all coverage and other information about the tournament here on the Mais Esports website.

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