June 25, 2022
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Worlds 2021: RED Canids members vent after their exit from the tournament

a red dogs defeated before Peace This Friday (8) is disposed of worlds 2021Oh World very funny. The series lasted five matches, but the Oceania team was better prepared and is now progressing to the next stage, where they will play MD5 against cloud 9 For a vacancy in the group stage.

On social networks, players have vented to disqualification. griffther, Mid-laner package replaced midway through the chain The Avenger He said he “let everyone down”.

Sorry, when my team needed me, I let everyone down

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Guigo, At the head of the group, he said that he wanted to “do more” and stressed that he still had a lot to improve and mature, but did not regret anything, as he continued his “faith and devotion to himself”.

I wish I had done more. I wanted to be better for my team, I wanted to make you proud and unfortunately I couldn’t bring that to us. I still don’t regret it because from start to finish I continued my faith and devotion to myself. The score just said that my methods were wrong and that I still had a lot to improve and mature, you can throw this streak in my face but you know I’ll come back with more strength for the next worlds. And thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, I’m so proud of everyone and I trust you all with your eyes closed, sorry I’m not what you deserve. And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us, texted us and cheered us on, even though I don’t interact much with every positive message, it made a huge difference for me and surely you should have done for the other boys too.

the support Joe Joe He spoke to an interviewer after the match and commented that the problem that occurred with RED was the same that occurred to them at the start of CBLOL.

We were so excited, we weren’t thinking directly of what we were going to do. Because of that we lost, the toys went down the drain and we couldn’t get back together.

Support also commented that entering the Avenger was something they decided on at the time.

We decided there at the time, we needed a new look, a makeover, and the Avenger was very confident. He managed to pull us off and we were able to play a very good game.

A little later, on her Twitter, Jojo said everyone did their best at Worlds 021 and commented that “the loss won’t just hurt us for the day.”

I’m a guy who rarely comes across on social media to say anything, but I just wanted to say that everyone here gave their all and I couldn’t have a more awesome team than this one that’s coming into the world. I’m just asking you not to weigh down the boys’ hatred because they don’t deserve any of this and defeat would only hurt us today.

Himself The Avenger He also wrote some tweets after the deletion. Noting that everyone left with their heads held high, he stressed that each one “gave the soul and heart to make the best campaign for Brazil.”

Despite the defeat, know that everyone here did their best, I leave here without regrets. The trip we had is something I will never forget, we had ups and downs and even downs we were a team that always tried. I feel proud, because you have my word that everyone gave their heart and soul to deliver the best campaign for Brazil. We are left with our heads held high, ready to prove that no matter how long it takes, we will always do our best and try to bring Brazil the pride the fans deserve.

titaN, Pack sniper, was more than written on social networks. He thanked the fans for their support and said he was proud of the entire team. “Hold your heads up, we can still come back here and do it differently,” he wrote. See the full message:

First of all I would like to thank everyone, the fans who cheered and believed until the end, rioting for the amazing event and for providing us with the best, to the people who still have a seed of empathy and know they are 5 players but also 5 humans behind a monitor. It’s actually not 5 players including Avenger 6, I’m so proud of you guys! I couldn’t be happier with the squad we’re in today, the staff we’re in and we’ve experienced it all with you. jojo, aegis, grifthar, guigo, coelho, avenger, Raise your father’s head, we can still come back here and do it differently, the biggest successes come from freedom in karai fails, thank you for everything and for the support you gave me when I needed it most. Pride is what defines you. Corradini and JP Garcia I couldn’t have better bosses than these, who pursue a dream not only ours but yours too, it’s amazing you two have job security pushing everything to our limits Thank you for everything you’ve done.

After a short time he also responded to everyone who criticized him for it Talk in the interview That RED was a better team than PEACE.

And for those of you who thought “cool” that we’re a better team, tell me if you’d say differently if your team was your team? I respect all players, but I also convey confidence and know our potential, damn what they will think, what matters is us! That’s called competitiveness, what’s going on out there on the cameras isn’t half of what it is on the outside, do you want me to be afraid of guys? When it ends there on stage, it’s another bar, I admire everyone from the world because it is such an exciting and wonderful experience that everyone wants to have. Sorry to everyone who found this, but I wouldn’t do anything different and I don’t regret it.

aegis, RED Canids said he was never sad and highlighted his performance as “the worst of the year”.

Our trip this year is over and I don’t think I was too sad at all, it was my worst performance of the year, in the most important series of the year, I disappointed my team. I love this team and will keep them all in my heart. Thanks to everyone who cheered us on, the energy it went through was amazing, sorry

Felipe Corradini One RED Canids owner was proud of the team and said they would return to the championship and do more. The CEO also urged the public to support the boys rather than attack; “Behind every screen there are people just like you,” he wrote,

We played, fought and the main thing we had a lot of fun! We’re just so proud of these boys, and we’re sure we’ll still come back here and do more! For a year of consolidating and renewing the franchise scenario, everything we did was necessary. Hope they show support! And please respect! Behind every screen are people just like you. They gave it their all, seeing them cry hurts so much, so instead of attacking, support! Also, don’t forget, a big thank you to this crowd who united in an inexplicable and incredible way! Brazil is huge!

GB GarciaThe organization’s other owner, was also proud of the RED Canids campaign and thanked all fans for their support.

It was a year and a half in the ring, and today we lost 3×2 in the world championships. There’s nothing we haven’t tried anymore, so proud of our walk here! Thank you very much for all your support! This will be unforgettable for the rest of your life!

Red dogs lost to peace and were excluded from the worlds of 2021 (Image: Disclosure/LOL)

On Saturday (9) we will have matches Beyond games against Hanwha Live NS cloud 9 against Peace, Qualification for a place in the group stage of the LoL World Cup. check the full coverage From the world of LoL here at More sports Also on our channel Youtube, which will contain daily videos of the tournament.