June 4, 2023

‘Worms WMD’ wins the mobile version and thrills fans!

All every gamer wants is their favorite console game on their phone, whenever and wherever they want. Some gamers have realized this dream with the new version of “Worms WMD” for mobile!

New worms for weapons of mass destruction

Seven years after its release, the classic action game “Worms WMD” just got a great update on the way you play.

Now, it is possible to play it on a mobile device, unlike the version for keyboard and the PC, which made the fun a little less varied.

Breaking the news was Team17 itself, an electronic entertainment company that produces games for video games and PC, such as “Worms”.

In addition, the producer stated that the game can be played by both users with iOS and those with Android.

Image: reproduction

Game “Warms of mass destruction”

For those who haven’t heard of it, Worms WMD is part of the “Worms” series, which means “worms” in Portuguese. In this way, it is no different in practice, because it is a real war of worms.

The game has no story behind the challenges, they are just tasks that need to be solved to move forward. However, just getting started is easy.

In the adventure, the player will have ten different training modes and twenty strategic campaign missions. In addition, it is possible to have in your arsenal many weapons, both classic and new, to protect the soldiers and make the game happen.

The best thing, in addition to many new features and benefits that we will talk about in the next topic, is that the game has a two-dimensional perspective. Thus, the good laughs will intensify.

In addition to what we mentioned earlier, the game has more features aimed at mobile phones, a similar experience to “Worms Armageddon” (considered to be one of the best) and a lower value (R$30.99) than when purchasing the version versus the console.