Worse than Smoking: scientists emphasized the dangers of polluted air

Гірше, ніж курити: учені наголосили на шкоді забрудненого повітря

Air pollution reduces life expectancy
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According to the world health organization, 90% of people live in dangerous atmospheric conditions. This is the reason for the reduction in life expectancy.

Air pollution reduces the life expectancy of people around the world nearly 1.8 years. In India and China, which are stronger than other countries suffer from smog, air pollution shortens life for 6 years.

For comparison, Smoking on average takes 1.6 years of life, polluted water and unsanitary conditions – 7 months, HIV/AIDS – four months of war and terrorism 22 days.

People can quit Smoking and try to protect yourself from disease, but it can do little in isolation to protect themselves from polluted air, – said Michael Greenstone, Director of the Institute of energy policy, University of Chicago.

Гірше, ніж курити: учені наголосили на шкоді забрудненого повітря

That becomes a cause of reduction in life expectancy

He and his colleagues have calculated an index of AQLI, which reflects the dependence of the lifetime on the degree of air pollution with particulate matter formed during combustion of fossil fuels.

According to who, every year from diseases caused by air pollution die 7 million people.


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