July 14, 2024

Wounded, a man holding a bull attacked a stray dog ​​in DF

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34-year-old male (Featured Image) must be saved in Taguatinga Regional Hospital (HRT) After being bitten on Monday afternoon (11/7), when separating a fight between his dog, of the Pit breed, with a stray dog, in Quadra 211 of North Fern.

According to the neighbors, this isn’t the first time the dog in the photos has gotten into trouble. One witness said, “When I got to the gate, the boy was separating the two dogs, but it wasn’t a quarrel: this man’s dog, a bull, attacked the other who was walking down the street.” to comment.

In an attempt to prevent the continuation of the attack, the man was forced to immobilize the animal.

See the video below:


According to residents, the attack lasted between four and five minutes. “His dog was breastfeeding the other dog. She did not give up anything. In this attempt to release, the owner was badly injured. Hands were bitten, eyebrows cut. There were many bruises on the body,” says a resident of the area.

According to the DF Fire Department (CBMDF), the man had bites in his left hand and also in his left eyebrow area. The patient was stable, conscious, and directed, and was transferred to HRT.

Metropoles was unable to contact the pit master. The space is still open for potential demonstrations.

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