Written controversial: Maxime Bernier defends his spokesperson

Écrits controversés: Maxime Bernier défend son porte-parole

OTTAWA — the leader of The popular Party, Maxime Bernier, gave his full support to his spokesperson, Martin Masse, some of whose writings controversial from several years ago have resurfaced in the past week.

“We try to put bits of phrases from different articles that have been written in order to arrive at a theory that Mr. Masse is a man racist. It is completely ridiculous and false”, he launched in an interview earlier this week.

The Beauceron was commenting on the fact that the jewish organization B’nai Brith has unearthed several documents signed there are about fifteen years by his close collaborator in a webzine libertarian, “Le Québécois libre”.

In two of them, Martin Masse tries to make the demonstration that the founder of the Front national, Jean-Marie Le Pen, as well as the ex-politician of the far-right austrian Jörg Haider (who died in 2008) are not neo-nazis.

On the phone, he maintained that he had “no desire to resume each of the texts written 20 years ago and re-explain,” and has accused B’nai Brith of distorting his remarks.

“They say that I have defended Jean-Marie Le Pen. My only argument, as for Jörg Haider, is that this was not a neo-nazi, he decided. I’ve defended no declaration of Jean-Marie Le Pen on the Holocaust or anything.”

In his eyes, the survey conducted by the B’nai Brith, which has published links to several articles in a press release published last Thursday, is a campaign of around orchestrated for political purposes.

Because the director-general of the organization, Michael Mostyn, is a former candidate of the conservative Party, and the objective is “to discredit the people’s Party”, and “this guy (…) was done in collaboration with the conservative Party, I am sure”.

Maxime Bernier shares the same analysis.

He did not want to comment on the past writing of his faithful collaborator, with whom he has worked at the Montreal economic Institute.

“I have not hidden that I am a politician who advocates individual freedom,” argued the former elected conservative.

But one thing is clear: Maxime Bernier has no intention of dropping Martin Mass.

“We have built this party together, and we will continue. I am very pleased and very privileged to be able to benefit from its advice, for so many years”, launched the leader popular.

The people’s Party and the”alt-right”

The end of last week, the Toronto Star published an article in which it is written, examples and evidence to support, that of the white supremacist of the”alt-right” to see the new party as a vehicle for their ideas.

The chief of training, who account since the end of the year 2018 of the associations in each of the 338 ridings in the country, says that it does not.

“I’ve always said that people who are racist are not welcome in our party, and we act accordingly. We did surveys, and we will continue to make investigations,” he assured the other end of the wire.

This is the reason for which, he said, only a handful of these associations – three, as of the date of last Monday – are officially registered with Elections Canada.

There is also a sign to anyone who wishes to become a member of an association of a form with a clause of “non-embarrassment”.

“As the representative of the popular Party of Canada, I affirm that I have not done or expressed anything in the past, and I commit myself to not do anything, or express anything in the future, which could embarrass publicly the party,” it reads.

This is what holds up Maxime Bernier as arguments when asked if he fears that his party attracts members of small groups of the extreme right.

He prefers not to reveal what he thinks of the movement of the”alt-right” (the right alternative).

“I don’t have to have an opinion on it. Me, I focus on what is important about our party. I made no judgment on if these people were racist or racist policies, they are not welcome in our party”, he offered.

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