June 4, 2023

Xbox Game Pass is getting the popular horror series in May

Good news for Xbox Game Pass users: Another game in the historical horror seriesmemory lossComing soon to the platform. To excite even more fans, “Amnesia: The Bunker” will be available to subscribers from the first day of its release.

Amnesia: The Bunker comes to Xbox Game Pass on May 16th

The highly anticipated game will be available on the subscription service approximately three years after the last release in the series (“Amnesia Rebirth”), starting on May 16th.

Like other games, “Amnesia: The Bunker” promises to offer players excitement and a terrifying atmosphere without deviating from the initial proposal of the series.

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In history, it is possible to live as Henri Clement, a French soldier of World War I who, after being separated from his regiment, finds a seemingly empty dugout in which to take refuge.

However, when he least expects it, the character encounters a fearsome entity called “The Beast”, who, in the midst of the frightening scenario, will tirelessly pursue him.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release

Despite being part of a popular series of horror games, which has captivated audiences all over the world since the first game, ‘Amnesia: The Bunker’ has been delayed in release.

The game, which was supposed to be available since March, will only be released on the 16th.

A game for horror lovers

If you are a fan of other games in this series, then you will definitely love this sequel. The fourth volume of Amnesia promises to continue delivering psychological terror with an even more personal touch for the new character in the universe.

Since he is a war soldier, Henri Clement’s skills with story weapons give the player a more interesting experience than the previous games, that is, when taking on the role of the character, the player is no longer completely defenseless. You can do a better job of trying to stay safe.

While continuing to introduce the elements that make the “Amnesia” series a horror classic, Frictional Games has managed to innovate at the right scale, bringing more interesting elements to this universe fans love.