June 27, 2022
XP Graphics Collection maintains this week's recommended names;  Vale and Petrobras are on the list

XP Graphics Collection maintains this week’s recommended names; Vale and Petrobras are on the list

B3 Bovespa São Paulo Stock Exchange (Germano Lüders / InfoMoney)

After changing nearly every name in the past week, XP has chosen to keep its “Top Picks” graphical analysis portfolio for the week until January 14.

With this said, Cyrela procedures remain recommended (CYRE3), fluorescent (FLRY3), gerdau (GGBR4), Petrobras (PETR4) and valley (VALE3).

According to Gilberto Coelho, Giba, the technical analyst in charge of the wallet, developer and builder Cyrela finished last week higher, respecting the R$13.16 level. According to him, the action can peak at R$15.15 or R$17.00.

In Flori’s case, shares closed Friday with two consecutive bullish candles, leaving support at R$15.85 and targeting R$18.15 or R$19.75.

There is still an upward trend in Vale and Petrobras PN shares, according to Giba, with forecasts from R$30.10 to R$33.00 and from R$88.00 to R$100.00, respectively.

Finally, the analyst estimates that Gerdau’s share is still above the 200-day average, and predicts a price between R$30.45 and R$34.00.

The Top Picks XP portfolio published weekly consists of five assets, each with a weight of 20%. The selection seeks short-term returns, aligning the flow and movement of stocks with the macroeconomic and political scenario.

Giba calculates the return on the portfolio by entering the shares in the Friday auction. The goal is for the average return on assets to exceed Ibovespa’s figure by the end of the week.

Check out this week’s recommendations below:

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Business ribbon Weight
Cirilla CYRE3 20%
fluorescent FLRY3 20%
gerdaw GGBR4 20%
Petrobras PN PETR4 20%
Valley VALE3 20%


In the past week, the “Top Picks” portfolio saw losses of 2.4% (based on last Friday’s closing price), while Ibovespa finished the period down about 2%.

In the week ending January 7, the biggest declines came from Cyrela shares with losses of 11.53%, and Fleury which fell by 7.84%.

The increases came from Vale stock, which rose 7.75%, and Gerdau stock, which rose 0.62%.

In 2021, the Top Picks portfolio fell 14.79%, while the B3 index ended the year down 14.82%.

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