March 23, 2023
(crédito: Reprodução/TV Globo/Rede TV)

Xuxa says the lawsuit against Sikêra Jr will be reimbursed to the institutions

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Posted 11/17/2022 5:58 PM / Updated 11/17/2022 5:59 PM

(Credit: Reproduction / TV Globo / Rede TV)

Thursday (17) Xuxa Meneghel reported on her social networks that the amount of compensation she receives from Sikêra Jr due to the lawsuit she has filed against him will be returned to the institutions associated with the assistance of children and adolescents.

Although the São Paulo Court of Justice has already convicted the broadcaster and RedeTV! As for the insults to Sasha’s mother, the decision can still be appealed. The compensation amount was initially R$300,000. However, it was reduced to R$50,000.

“The second case of TJSP confirmed the conviction of presenter Sikêra Jr. and RedeTV! Compensation for moral damages for insulting Xuxa in her TV show. The amount will be transferred to institutions associated with helping children and adolescents. “ Let’s do good and the rest will follow!” Xuxa wrote in her Instagram stories. .

Remember the condition

In 2020, Sikêra Júnior performs during RedeTV’s Alerta Nacional! A video clip of a man having sex with a mare. At that time, the presenter simulated recording with someone who was even wearing a donkey mask.

Faced with this, Xuxa showed herself critical of the presenter’s attitude and ended up receiving abuse from him. On his show, he even made serious accusations against celebrities. Then she ended up suing Sequera for moral damages.

TJ-SP considered that the presenter abused freedom of expression, insofar as the attacks were a “deliberate intent to offend the dignity” of Xuxa. In the process, Judge César Peixoto said, “The demonstrations were carried out through the use of a joking tone and mock language that, although characteristic of television attractions, clearly crossed the bounds of common sense and good education.”

In September, Sikêra and RedeTV were ordered by Justice to pay R$10,000 to Xuxa’s husband, Juno Andrade, after he called him a “jugolô”.

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