September 25, 2022
Yellow Effects on Mood: Read and Understand!

Yellow Effects on Mood: Read and Understand!

The color psychology It is a field of humanities that studies how the colors around us affect our personality and mood. After all, we cannot forget that above all else, color is a sensation and therefore directly affects us. For a better understanding, we have selected some of the main influences of the yellow color In a good mood, check it out.

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How does yellow affect our mind?

We all know that yellow on a traffic light means attention, and it will have a similar effect on many other traffic lights. This is because, in the short term, this is a warm color and that is why it stands out among the others.

In this way, we can say that yellow is a striking color, capable of activating an alert in our brain. But not only that, it can also represent warmth, energy, happiness and excitement. Check out some of their meanings.

Yellow means energy

It is not uncommon to find yellow as a hero in cartoons, party decorations, and children’s clothing. In this case, in addition to being an attractive color that stimulates attention, it also acts as a color that awakens energy. Especially because we cannot forget that the sun as we see it refers to this color.

Yellow color can generate unrest

Do you remember the alert our brain activates when we see yellow? So, it is worth remembering that not only Traffic Psychology uses it to awaken a certain sense of urgency in us. In fact, it is widely known that big companies use yellow to unsettle their customers.

For example, most fast food chains, starting with the most popular McDonald’s, use yellow in their restaurants. In this case, the decision came after a series of studies that demonstrated that the yellow color generates anxiety in people.

Therefore, since the company wanted customers to eat faster to leave and make room for others, the tactic was to use yellow. However, there are many other projects that use the same method as they learn about the effects of yellow on people’s moods.