July 15, 2024

‘Yellowstone’ breaks new American audience record

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'Yellowstone' breaks new American audience record
'Yellowstone' breaks new American audience record

Photo: Revelation / Paramount / Modern Popcorn

The “Yellowstone” series broke its own audience record at the end of Season 4 in the United States, with over 9.3 million viewers on the day of its broadcast, which increased by 81% at the end of Season 3 (5.2 million).

In addition, the episode was highly watched throughout the series, reaching 8 million viewers with the first scene of the current season, which caused great repercussions due to the death of a beloved character.

This performance makes “Yellowstone” the most-watched series on American Bay TV today, and attracts viewers on open television in the United States.

Combining rebroadcasts and alternate broadcasts (on the CMT Bay Channel) in a single day, the season finale reached 11 million viewers.

To give you an idea of ​​the size of the record, the huge finale of “Game of Thrones” attracted 6.6 million viewers “alone” on the day it aired on HBO in 2019.

The first weekly series starring Kevin Costner (“Robin Hood”, “Dance with Wolves”) was the first television attraction created by the previously award-winning TV series “Hotfields & McCoy’s” (2012) “Yellowstone”. Oscar-nominated filmmaker Taylor Sheridan made her directorial debut with the award-winning “Wild Land” (2017) at the Cannes Film Festival for her screenplay for “At Any Cost” (2016).

Sheridan is responsible for the screenplays, production and direction of the glamor, which is about the same universe as his award-winning films: the rural United States, where men still wear cowboy hats, ride horses (and helicopters) and are fast on impulses. . In fact, Gil Birmingham, the tribal actor who worked on Sheridan’s two films, is also one of the attraction actors.

The series was a spin-off hit in December, exclusively on streaming Paramount + Platform “1883”.

In Brazil, “Yellowstone” is available at Paramount +.

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