Yes McCan back to where it all began

Yes McCan de retour où tout a commencé

On his photo of finishing of the secondary school J.-H.-Leclerc 2007, Jean-François Ruel, the air wise as an image,… except a fake mustache that he wears with impertinence. Already at that time, that we know today as Yes McCan, had no intention of ” being like everyone else “. The artist was back for the first time, on Friday, at the multi-purpose, where it all started. And it is entrusted to the students with honesty and generosity.

Although welcomed on the stage of the auditorium like a rock star, with music and light set to the support, Yes McCan has not hide his nervousness. “It’s a little surreal to come back here “, he slipped in recalling the many games of improv in which he had participated in this same auditorium. “It has been scoring,” added the one ” who does fitait not the mould “.

Presented in the form of a conference hosted by his childhood friend Gabriel Welcome, now teacher in the techniques of scene-to-J.-H.-Leclerc, the meeting was held in two stages to allow the largest possible number of young people to hear the Granbyen home to tell his unusual career.

Cultured and eloquent, Jean-François Ruel has not had to work very hard to captivate his audience, recounting in particular his period of wandering post-secondary education, which he described as a “rough draft” of five or six years where he has not done anything serious, despite his facility to the school and his great thirst for knowledge.

This party of “less glorious” in its history has, however, been decisive in his quest for his identity, he believes. “I had no talent in music, but I had a passion from the heart “, he suggested. Hence his advice to young people is to leave the right to be wrong and seek to better define themselves.

The origin of this visit, Catherine Riel and his gang in the course of stage technique, had prepared a few surprises for their guests, including an overview video of her young career, a snippet of him and his friend Gabriel, teens, duet on stage, and a sequence of a ” rap battle “, an exercise that allowed him to penetrate the world of hip-hop thanks to his secret card : his years of improvisation, theatre, and public speaking.

Dead Obies to.

Yes McCan, of course, has addressed his adventure ten years with the group, Dead Obies, of which he is now separated, but which, according to him, has helped to make the rap available and acceptable in Quebec. A question from a student about a possible return with the training, the artist has confessed that he was gone at the end of this experience, but that it was not closed to work again with the members of Dead Obies.

About his solo album YES (all, all, all, toutttte) released in 2018, Ruel has not hidden that he lived at this time a period of weird and the end of a cycle. Between the worries personal, his departure from the Dead Obies and the shooting intense of the series ., he said he was forced to give birth to this “transitional project, more pop and more luminous” in the emergency in a month and a half !

“I’ve always had a tortuous journey “, he remarked. “And I have always had the syndrome of the impostor in all ! “

But despite his doubts and his fears, Jean-François Ruel has convinced all the world of his acting talent when he appeared as the villain Damien in ..

If he has lived well with the perception of the public towards the blackness of his character, the young man had more trouble to tame his sudden popularity. “There was a period where I was uncomfortable with it ; I didn’t know how to behave… “

He had not anticipated the impact that would have this show, whose story revolved around the juvenile prostitution. The flood of reactions has taken a bit of a short. The actors even had to receive counselling to be able to respond adequately to comments and confidences of the public, he noted. “We were not equipped to deal with it. “

Candidly, Yes McCan, admitted that the proposed roles have not been flocking since .. That’s not a problem, he will not wait he is called ; he prefers working on his own movie, he mentioned without saying more.

The right to exist

Until then, he had told his story with ease, but when the facilitator was asked to give one piece of advice to his young audience, we have heard a pin drop. “I want so much to say something true “, dropped Yes McCan, before recommending ” not to lock up their brains in a box “.

“Try stuff, take the time to find what you love, discover your passion. The secondary period is a period where one learns how to learn “, he slipped, admitting that he did not always want to be in school and the extracurricular activities were really important in his journey.

As if he were talking to himself and to the teenager that he was, Jean-François Ruel concluded without a visit. “As a person, you have the right to be there. There is a place for everyone ! “

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