January 29, 2023
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You can earn a new FGTS until August 2023; Check the rules

According to Law No. 13446/2017, FGTS earnings must be distributed every year until August 31st to the worker

termination compensation fund (fgts) A right for every worker who works within the framework of the legal labor law. Therefore, FGTS is a type of savings for a worker who carries out official activity, to which the company deposits an amount equal to 8% of the salary every month.

Thus, some workers are entitled to FGTS profit. Thus, all deposits are made until August of the following year. Therefore, 2022 will be transferred to August 2023 according to the rules established by law.

Therefore, according to Law 13.446 / 2017, FGTS dividends must be distributed every year until August 31st.

Dividends filed in 2022, back in 2021

In total, 106.7 million workers who had a positive balance in their accounts on December 31, 2021 were eligible to receive FGTS earnings.

In short, the transfer made to the workers represents 99% of the available FGTS earnings. Whereas, the return on FGTS is fixed at 3% per annum and the dividend index is 0.02748761 on the balance in the account. Thus, the workers who had R$100.00 in their accounts received R$2.75, and those with R$1,000 received R$27.49.

Origin of FGTS earnings

In short, the distribution of FGTS results aims to increase the profitability of accounts linked to a working FGTS. This is done by distributing the positive balance earned by the fund and the monthly bonus with the application of the reference rate (TR) plus 3% per annum.

Therefore, FGTS credit is managed by Caixa Economica Federal which, though not redeemed by the worker, yet invests it in operations credit In strategic branches of the public sector, such as housing, infrastructure and basic sanitation.

In this way, the profit of FGTS is the total accrual of the fund multiplied according to the interest and income, and this amount is divided among the workers annually.

How do you consult FGTS profit?

Finally, those who want to check FGTS earnings can refer to the snippet through the FGTS app (available for android And the iOS), Caixa website (fgts.caixa.gov.br) and anyone who is a customer of the enterprise can verify Caixa Internet Banking🇧🇷

Photo: Jair Ferrera Bellavaci/Shutterstock