December 3, 2022
You have a rare coin worth 2 million Brazilian Real

You have a rare coin worth 2 million Brazilian Real

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university rare coins They are always looking for more unusual specimens. Usually, the more expensive items follow the standard of supply, i.e. the amount of emissions. The fewer options available, the higher its value. This is especially true if the metal is precious.

Given this, you can become a millionaire by buying unknown coins in the bazaar or other places. Also, if someone received an inheritance, they could find something worth millions of riyals.

Which Brazilian currency is worth more than 2 million Brazilian Real?

A coin worth a million dollars is called “The coronation pieceManufactured in 1822When Dom Pedro received the title of Emperor of Brazil. Made of gold, this item honored the independence of Brazil and represented a historic achievement in the regulation of politics.

However, Zeferino Ferrez responsible for the art was developed in Currency, did not live up to the expectations of the royal family. Because of this, only 64 coins were produced at Casa da Moeda de Rio de Janeiro.

How was this item sold?

At an auction in 2014, a total of $499,375, equivalent to 2.37 million Brazilian reals, was paid for the piece. The value is raised based on the rarity of the coin. Moreover, it was considered to be made of gold with a face value of 6400 reais. After the event, of the 64 models built in 1822, only 16 were left.

He wanted the most rare coins

A very famous collector is one who collects coins from other countries or from his own country. There are also collectors Coins Rarely, those who pay large sums to own certain items.

So, in addition to 1 Brazilian real Berna de Bao coin (worth about R$8,000), there are other specimens in great demand by collectors. Check out some examples below:

  • Reverse Inverted Coins
  • commemorative coins
  • 1999 5 cent coin;
  • 1999 10 cent coin;
  • 1995 25 cent coin;
  • 2012 50 cent coin.

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