December 8, 2022
You need to know why Wolverine is such an amazing psychologist!

You need to know why Wolverine is such an amazing psychologist!

[Aviso: esta matéria contém spoilers de “AXE: X-Men #1”!]

Apparently personal Wolverine It can be cool psychologistThat’s because he has mental health knowledge that the rest of the team doesn’t. Although most of the time he can end up giving in to his anger and showing his claws, Wolverine spends most of his time being a thoughtful and sometimes philosophical person.

However, when it comes to Wolverine taking on the role of a psychiatrist, we can see evidence of that in “AX: X-Men #1”, when he reveals that he can take on such a role through his comfort. Jane Gray In one of her sad moments. Given this, it is important to remember that, for a long time, there was no information regarding Wolverine’s past, a fact that ended up leaving fans in the “darkness”.

There was no data about his family, his past, or even his real name. However, thanks to “Origin”, which was made available in 2001, all these questions had answers: they were called by birth James HowlettWolverine may be much older than most people realize, and also his childhood more terrifying than we can deduce.

So it’s not hard to understand how he was able to give great advice in certain moments of difficulty. Developed and written by Keiron Gillen with the art of Francesco Mobili, “AX: X-Men #1” sees Jean Gray taking command of the Avengers within the Celestial Dynasty in order to deactivate it.

In order to stop it, Celestial applies a kind of defense mechanism to Jean Gray, which she will have to fight in order to face a series of painful memories. Among them is the decision to leave the Silent Council and the Dark Phoenix. However, she ends up getting tested.

without delay Iron Man He removes all his anger that Gene Gray is discouraging him along the way. Then Jan said: “Everything I do… is never enough”. But Wolverine is ready to comfort her and says: “God who let you down and pass me by is not a god, red … He was wrong about you, don’t listen to a damn word he says.”

In short, even though Wolverine spoke those words with an angry feeling in him, he understood that the first step in keeping his sanity healthy was to understand and accept his limits. At the same time, they also understand when to listen to what someone else is saying and when to ignore it.