September 29, 2023
"You receive some money and ...";  Palmeiras is not 'on the fence' about replacing Giovanni Paulinho

“You receive some money and …”; Palmeiras is not ‘on the fence’ about replacing Giovanni Paulinho

a Palm trees He remains resolute and strong in his quest to win two titles this season: Campeonato Brasileiro and Copa Libertadores da América. In the national team, the team led by Abel Ferreira remains in the lead, being able to unlock more advantages in this round, facing Corinthians, who are currently in second place, with 6 points lower.

As for the continental competition, after overtaking Atletico MG on penalties, Verdao learned last Thursday (11), that he will face Atletico PR, from Filipao, who overcame Estudiantes, winning 1-1 in the semi-final .0 in Argentina. In this way, the focus should remain the same, and go step by step, looking for more glories.

Off the field even after 3 recent reinforcements were confirmed, The board is not satisfied and is still doing some surveysAnalyze the possibilities and strive to find the best options available to open negotiations and add quality to the representation team. Along these lines, the striker who plays in Germany has stirred up behind the scenes.

Around Paulinhoby Bayer Leverkusen. However, an interesting fact is that according to Jorge Nicola, The Germans want to hire Giovanni, and create Feverdiwith the aim of determining the possible departure of Paulinho, who has a contract for another year, but has been trying to leave the club in the current transfer window:

“Bayer Leverkusen already knows that there will be no Paulinho, who only has an additional year contract and is trying at all costs to leave Bayer Leverkusen at this moment, And the person elected to fill this place for Paulinho is precisely Giovanni. Bayer Leverkusen’s idea is to prepare and submit an official offer to Palmeiras in the coming days to buy the striker. There will be this proposal and Palmeiras will decide whether it is worth selling or not.”the journalist, who also provided information that the Palmeirense Council ruled out an exchange between the attackers, revealed:

I consulted someone from Palmeiras, who mentioned that an official proposal might even appear to Giovanni, but that it is not part of Palmeiras’ plans today to accept the exchange, even with money. You send Giovanni and you get some money and you also get Paulinho. Palmeiras’ idea today is, if negotiated by Giovanni, to do so in the case of millions of euros.”Nicola reported, on her YouTube channel.